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Placenta Facial: An Ultimate Rejuvenator

Placenta facial 11 Jan

Placenta Treatment is done using placenta a life-giving substance only produced at the time of giving birth in mammals. For all those who wish to treat their acne-prone skin or reduce aging and have healthy skin can try placenta facial. Read more about traditional treatments.

What is Placenta Facial?

Placenta facial is done with stem cells derived from sheep placenta or with human placenta. The placenta is applied to your skin after exfoliating it. It is a safe and comfortable treatment for all skin types. The treatment hardly has any side effects. Unlike other treatments, you don’t get to see the difference in your skin immediately. The result of placenta facial comes after a day or two, but you can clearly feel a difference in our skin.

How and where is it done?

Placenta facial is now gaining popularity and many spas have added it on the treatment list. The treatment uses medically proved placenta which doesn’t cause any kind of irritation or reaction to the skin. The treatment starts with exfoliating of the skin and treating it with blue and red light after which placenta is applied to the skin which is left on for a while.     

What are the benefits of Placenta Facial?

Placenta facial is considered an effective skin-firmer, lifter, and keeps the skin hydrated. A treatment suited for all skin types also helps in treating acne-prone skin damaged from over-exfoliation. The placenta is an anti-aging substance thus the treatment is also recommended to women who want to look young. Also, helps in lighting your skin tone and making it healthy and younger.

Personalities who have tried Placenta Facial

Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez are among those personalities who have got Placenta facial done. It is a must try facial for those who wish to have flawless skin like any celebrity.  


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