NirogStreet: Revolutionising Indian Healthcare space

India’s first of its kind Multi-Specialty Ayurveda Health Clinic in Gurugram aiming to establish a system of Ayurvedic treatments with certified Ayurveda doctors and medicines in India and Globally.

India’s first technology led Ayurveda platform to make Ayurveda mainstream, NirogStreet launches its first Ayurvedic Clinic called ‘NirogStreet Certified Multi-Specialty Ayurveda Clinic and Pharmacy’ in Gurugram. The brand is expanding its horizon to create a larger ecosystem of trusted and certified Ayurveda doctors and medicines in India and Globally. The launch event took place on 6th of March in Gurugram, with influencers and Doctors of this sector.

Mr. Ram N Kumar, Founder & CEO of NirogStreet


“When it comes to Ayurvedic treatment, people are either misinformed or have lack of information about reliable treatment with no right access to qualified and trustworthy doctors. This is one of the biggest reasons that world’s most powerful, efficient and ancient treatment science is still struggling to become first call of treatment in its land of origin.” Says Mr. Ram N Kumar, Founder & CEO of NirogStreet on the launch. But, with their Ayurvedic Clinics they will bridge the gap between patients and ayurvedic doctors, ensuring the best evidence-based treatment and rebuilding the trust in Ayurvedic practices.


The clinic will provide reliable, specialized and personalized medical consultation and multi-brand Ayurvedic pharmacy. The clinic will offer services like Nadi Parikshan, Panchakarma, Ksharsutra, diet and nutrition. With these clinics, NirogStreet not only claims to create awareness and make effective Ayurvedic treatment accessible to all but also intend to combat the issue of fake Ayurvedic medicines and faulty Ayurvedic treatment being dispensed in the market by certain unreliable doctors.

NirogStreet closely works with the Ayurvedic doctor community, institutions and policymakers to advance Ayurvedic research and collaboration with modern medical technologies, to make this ancient treatment science more result oriented and trusted. It has got tremendous support from the medical fraternity by successfully enabling over 40000+ Ayurvedic doctors to adopt evidence-based treatment using it’s Ayurveda doctor’s mobile application and around 8000 doctors in the country are ordering ayurvedic medicines from its e-commerce platform.

After establishing great strength in the Ayurvedic medical community, NirogStreet has earned support from international investors, institutions and policymakers and receiving great appreciation for its e-commerce platform. Realising the optimistic future and potential. Spiral Ventures, a Japanese Venture fund, backed NirogStreet, and has aggressive plans to open 300 clinics by FY 2020 and is aiming to take this number to 5000 Ayurveda clinics PAN India in next 2-3 years. Subho Ray, President of Internet & Mobile Association of India and Samir Khan, Director at Deutsche Bank, Singapore, have also invested in NirogStreet’s growth. The company has plans to partner with over 100 Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers and esteemed brands in the next two years to provide the best quality medicines to the patients.



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