Fitness trends to look out for in 2019

If getting fit, staying fit or becoming even fitter are your goals, then give these new fitness trends a try. They are hand-picked as the most popular and effective routines to get you to your fitness goals faster.

High-Intensity Training in the Pool

In the past, there hasn’t been much innovation in the aquatic’s fitness training front. You had the choice between water aerobics or laps. There has been a leap forward in aquatic aerobic exercise with classes that focus on optimising the resistance that water provides.

Your joints are supported by the water and this causes less stress. The intensity of the workout can be increased because of these factors. It is a form of boot camp with three-quarters of the workout done in the pool and the rest, like lunges and triceps dips, done poolside.

These water classes assist the body’s recovery both during and after the exercise period. Definitely one to try this year.

Alternative Yoga: The Warrior Sculpt

Yoga in an alternative form, as well as traditional, is still one of the most popular fitness trends out there. The Warrior Sculpt yoga class offers a blend of light-weight strength training and yoga.

Yoga already includes a significant amount of resistance training with the lunge poses and push-ups. A Warrior Sculpt routine added to a standard yoga class compliments your yoga practices while it increases flexibility and strength.

This routine raises your metabolism and the purposeful movements and weights will further shape your muscles.

The Mind, Body & Spirit Connect Class

For a class that totally channels energy and focus, there are Mind, Body and Spirit-centred classes that are rapidly becoming very popular. It is a two-part class with the first section focussing on the physical: Kung Fu, punching, self-defense, kicking, alertness, and the second part is dedicated to meditation and breathing techniques.

Kung Fu has long been a blend of working out and wellness that uses both external and internal energies. It offers the holistic edge of winding up and then winding down – techniques that are applicable to daily life.

It helps with meditation, breathing and stress management. These classes are sure to take off this year.

Recovery Classes

Exercise routines can get ferocious. Heads down, no-nonsense dedication to intensity. If your fitness classes are hectic three times a week, consider taking a Recovery Class for the other two days.

These classes get the focus on stretching to activate myofascial release and increase muscle mobility. The restoration of the body benefits from such actions as meditation, foam rolling, relaxation breathing techniques, self-massage and flexibility stretches.

A chance to meditate is an essential part of the process in a Recovery Class. The positive results are usually fast in coming. An analogy is to liken the mind to a box of dust – take a moment to be still, let the dust settle and you can focus properly again.

Just from reading this class list, it can be seen that the fitness trends you’ll be seeing more of this year are centered on the fitness of the body as well as the serenity of the mind.


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