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Celebrity’s Favorite Spa Treatments

Celebrity Favorite Spa Treatments lead

Being a Bollywood star is so much fun, but it is not that easy. Not when the spotlight is always on your looks, style or even your weight. You have to constantly ensure that you look your best no matter the circumstances or occasion.

These celebrities spend most of their time and cash in spas where they get celebrity skin treatments and other special services to achieve the skin they love. India’s Wellness industry was projected to be worth $500 billion with hopes that it would beat the $1 trillion.

Big names like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra never shy away from the fact that it requires some constant rejuvenation and maybe some skin treatments to look younger.

So what kind of spa treatments keeps these stars looking magnificent every time they hit the silver screen?

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ever wondered how Katrina Kaif always stays drop-dead gorgeous? Well, this modern day star keeps it traditional and medicinal. She claims that medical spa approach is what has kept her looking like a teenager despite being in her thirties. Ayurveda is all about a holistic approach that incorporates the body, mind, and spirit.

Deep Tissue/Full Body Massage

Celebrity Spa Treatments

This is a must for every person who can afford it. For a super celebrity spa-like Quan Spa in Mumbai, they add in a little of their magic to make it even more mind-blowing. Priyanka Chopra has always gushed about the deep tissue massage she once got in the Ayana Spa in Bali. Aditi Rao got hers at the Quan Spa where they use water therapy, and it is one of her favorite spa treatments.

Manicure and Pedicure

Even though you can get manicure and pedicure in pretty much any salon, the ones celebrities get in spas is on a whole different level. In regular salons, it is all basic and rushed using locally made products that do not require any specialized technique to apply. In celebrity spas, manicure and pedicure usually come as a whole package complete with massages and scrubs.

Honey/Facial Scrub

Up until her death earlier this year, Sridevi always kept tongues wagging with how young she looked despite being in her early 50s. Her secret? Honey Scrub. She was India’s greatest actress and greatest beauty thanks to a regular honey scrub in some of the leading spas like the Marriot in Pune.

Even though the whole body is as important, the first thing people notice is the face. That is why every Bollywood hottie has to subscribe to a certain facial scrub routine to maintain their youthful looks.

Hair Treatment

Celebrity Favorite spa

What is a top-tier Bollywood actress without her amazing hair? Their hair doesn’t just flow naturally behind their backs glowing all the way swaying from side to side as they prance all over the red carpet. For Alia Bhatt, a regular trip to Myrah Day Spa is what keeps her hair always looking fresh and also help her relieve the pressure when things get a little hectic.

Apart from regular spa visits, every actress has her home remedy that they use whenever their schedule is too busy, and they can’t necessarily see their favorite masseuse. It is usually simple routines like removing all the makeup before bed, moisturizing, eating healthy and exercising. You won’t find these regiments on the latest skin treatments 2017 list, but they will go a long way in keeping them young forever.


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