Ayurvedic Skin polishers for the magical date night glow

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Why choosing Ayurvedic skin polishers over chemical based cleansers is better

Has your skin ever felt really clean, smooth, and vibrant only after a face wash?  If not, then you are surely one of many using a chemical based cleanser though garbed as Natural or organic for your skin. These liquids/gels or semi-solid face cleansers and polishers along with natural & organic ingredients also do contain chemicals and preservatives like emulsifiers, stabilisers (antimicrobial agents) etc. 

So, when you are using a Face cleanser/polisher made with saffron, neem, lemon, rose, or sandalwood and bottled as liquid /gel consistency or semi-solid consistency then you are just not cleaning your face with labelled skin vital nourishing and cleansing ingredients but you unknowingly or out of ignorance also rub chemicals on your face.    And because of presence these chemicals & preservatives you could never experience cleansing purely natural and effective.

Were these chemicals & preservatives known in ayurvedic times? Does the original ayurvedic recipe for skin cleansing and polishing have these chemicals & preservatives as commonly found in today’s face cleansers and skin polishers? These liquid/gel face cleanser and semi-solid paste form skin polishers are the inventions of the last couple of decades only, only to benefit the manufacturer to make products cost-effective with growing competition and of course convenience to consumers. Convenience, in terms of break-free plastic bottles and long shelf life.

Natural Face Cleansers

Use time tested powdered face cleansers that are made up of finely milled stems, roots, nuts, seeds, petals, grains etc. for your skin type to cleanse the skin pores deep inside and polish the top layer to shed dead skin giving you a very clean and matte finish with radiance on cheeks. On regular usage, this finely powdered herb blend cleanser addresses many skin concerns like dry- flakiness, black spots and itching, acne & pimples.

Returning to traditions is return to yourself, A return to a Natural Beautiful You!    

Use it for once and get that glow right in your skin.  Always remember to follow toning and moisturising after cleansing as a basic skin care regime. 

Author: Alkaa Punia is an expert on 100% natural products and has her own brand ‘Snaana’ which is the first-of-its-kind all-natural skincare brand in India. Snaana’s products are not only 100% chemical free but are also 100% preservative free. Alkaa Punia believes that there is no need of exposing our skin to chemicals and preservatives, even in small quantities, and her brand proves that skincare products can be made without including any chemicals at all and keeping them truly 100% natural. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not represent those of the GlobalSpa.


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