APSWC Round Table 2019 Looks At Knowledge Exchange & Industry Growth

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The spa and wellness industry leaders from 20 countries convene in Kuala Lumpur for the APSWC Round Table 2019 on the 21-22 March. Here’s why you must register for it.

The APSWC Round Table 2019 is slated to be held on the 21-22 March 2019, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Preparations are well underway for the convening of the bringing together of the who’s who of the Asian Pacific spa and wellness industry. Delegates from over 20 countries across the region as anticipated, with the event being supported by AsiaSpa magazine (Hong Kong), and (Australia).  Local industry support from the Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA) and the Malaysian Association of Wellness and Spa (MAWSpa) has been invaluable in getting the Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC) to again hold a regional industry event in Malaysia. The last time the APSWC held an event in the country was 2008, and much has changed on the ground and within the industry since. 


Need for Wellness Conversations

The demand for education and the invaluable knowledge that can be gained in the opportunities that the APSWC Round Table 2019 presents to participants was further extolled. Globally ‘wellness’ is all the rage as countries are faced with aging populations and diminishing budgets so it is becoming increasingly obvious that governments may not be able to support their citizens as they ‘grey’, and citizens have to accept a significant level of responsibility towards their own well-being now. Living well, eating well, socialising, breathing well, sleeping well are just some of the issues that the industry now seeks to address with their menu offerings. 


Stress and relaxation have long been core words associated with the industry, but it has moved on from this now, with health concerns such as Diabetes and Cancer now rearing their heads and the industry grappling if it can be dealt with without incurring the wrath of governments who have yet to understand or regulate the spa and wellness industry in many countries.   Oxygen bars have come and gone, but are likely to see a resurfacing as our air quality continues to deteriorate.  Detoxification has long been a stalwart of the industry offering but with a global population’s ever increasing reliance on plastic and the realisation that our bodies are absorbing some of this to detrimental effects is starting to highlight how important it is to effectively remove toxins from the body.  

Changing times beings new challenges and one has to decide which challenges to prioritise so they can be effectively addressed.


Focus of Discussions

The APSWC Round Table 2019 on 21-22 March in Kuala Lumpur will focus on three aspects of business as the industry moves from its birth place of luxury pampering into adulthood and sustainable well-being for a broader market segment.

Human Resource, Finance/Budget, and Marketing matters will be addressed with presentations and panel discussions addressing the challenges in employing foreign nationals to fill vacancies when there are local workers competing for the same positions but who have a different skill set or level of enthusiasm and passion towards the industry. Working with energy and ways to turn the intangible into tangible $$$ is sure to yield energetic discussions, while the two marketing topics will focus on Influencers and the role they can have making SSS (suggested at a 600% return on the investment) and addressing the role partnerships and synergies in driving SSS tor your business.



Easy online bookings are on at with Early Bird rates valid till end February.  The full agenda, including link on how to book your accommodation at APSWC the venue hotel – Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre are also available here, The E&O Residences are also offering special delegate rates. 



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