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All you need to know about Victoria Beckham’s ‘blood’ moisturizer


Victoria Beckham £1,200 blood cream is her latest beauty indulgence

Victoria Beckham recently revealed a secret skin moisturiser, made from her own blood which costs around $ 1,200 for a bottle.

The pop icon-turned-fashion designer took to her Instagram story to share a picture of her new anti-ageing lotion, created by Dr Barbara Sturm. Barbara Sturm has also known for her vampire facial another beauty treatment in the industry.

The special moisturiser is made from the Victoria’ own blood, which she says “her blood, apparently, is highly anti-inflammatory and regenerative”, that is what inspired Barbara to suck out some and use it in this new line of products.

In this process, special cells are extracted from the blood and are introduced to your skin via cream, which helps in activating its own repair mechanisms to rejuvenate, repair damage, and keep the skin healthy.

Victoria Beckham is taking extreme measures to maintain her youthful appearance, what are you doing?

Stay tuned for more exotic beauty treatments.

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