7 hair colour trends 2018

Hair colour that is exclusive of all. The colour that makes an actual as well as beautiful difference to your appearance for this year. Bold or subtle, make choice from PEAKLIFE’s list of hair colour trends.

Hair hues make the perfect change for your season to season demands. They don’t just add a new look but also a sense of new confidence and flair. Following are the newest hair colour trends of this year that you must try:

Jewel tones

Amethyst, emerald, and blue topaz- the three precious gemstones colour is the idea behind the jewel tones to give out a gorgeous, striking yet not so punk style to your hair.

Salt and pepper

You shall find all shades according to your requirement be it in silver, grey or “gray”, pewter, platinum or sterling. Something off beat yet starkly classy in its own way. Flaunt that grey already in youth/adulthood.

Strawberry rose

A balanced tone that comes off with elegance and maturity. The combination of rose gold with brown/blonde makes the best fusion with a crafty curve to it.

Chocolate mauve

The unique amalgam of brown and light pink is indeed setting the trend for brunets to take over the commonly used highlights.


Pantone declares this colour as the colour of the year. Therefore this season can totally be names after plum lipsticks, lilac eye shadow to compliment the purple in your hair.

Burnt orange

The sassy mixture of orange and red shall make your hair look super vibrant and aesthetic. It’s quite fashionable and incredibly versatile to wear in your hair.


The sun kissed end result of the blond and brown colour looks absolutely captivating on everyone. If you want to go with something simple but also stylish, this is the colour for you.


These funky hair idea choices shall make perfect consonance with your personality to bring out the best in you and your appearance throughout this year. Go blend in modernity with your hair colour.


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