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Why to opt for a basic treatment, when your body deserves much more than that. There are few spa treatments that will take you to the new levels of luxury and make your body feel pampered. Peaklife has rounded up the most luxurious and unique spa treatments around the world.

In a perpetually stressed society, you always look ways to relax and distress yourself. Spa escapes help your body get rejuvenate inside and out. The perfect blend of luxury and comfort comes with five of the few most luxurious spa treatments around the world.

Rasul Treatment at Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong


Rasul Treatment is a cleansing treatment that blends minerals-rich mud, steam, and heat to provide an experience that releases toxins and rejuvenates the body. Natural herbs are used to exfoliate before the mineral-rich mud is applied. This treatment is enjoyed in a private mosaic Rasul chamber that is a steam room that softens the mud and opens pores to help your body to absorb the minerals in a better way. In the Turkish Ottoman style, the Rasul rooms are decorated to create an atmosphere and authenticity to the treatment. This spa treatment targets all five senses; light and sound effects are used.

Jade, Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali, Indonesia


The setting of this spa is as relaxing as it comes. The treatment includes jade stones for a foot-bath, reflexology session and clarifying (and depuffing) facial. In this, during the full body massage, warm and cool stones are used to relax, leaving nothing but a state of bliss behind. It’s the best experience one can get but to double your pleasure, be sure to book the couple’s massage. It’s a 90-minute treatment and the most powerful beauty treatment with the use of precious natural qualities of Jade. The treatment also has world class healing properties.

Lava Shell Body treatment – The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong


The Lava Shell Body treatment consists of a fusion of Eastern and Western Therapies that uses indigenous lava shells, which are heated to soothe tired feet. This treatment lasts for 80 minutes and is a full-body massage with warm oil that leaves you relaxed and re-energized.

Jing Luo foot Treatment by Chuan Spa


This is a technique to help you restore energy and relieve muscle tension. The treatment works to stimulate circulation along the meridian channels and specific acupressure points. A herbal mask is then wrapped around the feet. Comprised of traditional Chinese herbal medicine or ai ye and mineral salt, the mask is said to regulate the liver and kidney channels as well as relax the muscles and stimulate circulation.


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