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Why You Should Try the Functional Fitness Training

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Have you just caught onto the latest trend of functional fitness training? Or you are wondering if there’s a more practical way of keeping your body fit?

For those familiar with gym workouts and learning all the reps – you’ll know that mainstream fitness training tends to only focus on muscle set groups. E.g., weightlifting reps will work the shoulder or arms. If you want to work out your whole body, then it takes a very long workout to reach all of your muscle areas. Functional fitness training has gained a lot of popularity because it’s a lot quicker to tone up the whole of you.

Let’s look at the four reasons why you should try the functional fitness training during workouts.

  1. Less Chance of Injuries

If you compare to bodybuilding, the goal is to get big – however, it’s not always practical for your body or even looks natural. In contrast, using functional fitness techniques won’t isolate any muscle group, which can be the most significant cause of getting injured amongst bodybuilders (and they can even find themselves wounded on a regular basis).

By using the body’s muscles for its intended use, then they can compensate for one another, and any severe symptoms will be kept minimal.

  1. Spend Less Time Exercising

Regular gym routines on average take over an hour minimum, as well as needing to go back several times a week to keep up with the regime. It’s unrealistic, and you find yourself missing out on other parts of life – you need something that takes much less time and effort. With functional fitness training the routines require much less time, and on average you only need to perform three to four times a week. Mainstream gym members need to spend at least five or six days per week.

    1. You Don’t Need to Restrict Workouts Only in the Gym

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Turning up to the same place all the time and doing the same thing can get boring, which can contribute to a lot of demotivation. However, functional fitness routines are flexible, and you can do them anywhere! Mix things up especially if the weather is hot – as a bonus, you can also get a nice suntan. 

Benefits of Exercise Outside:

  • Exposure to the sun gives you vitamins – especially for getting the right nutrients for good skin.
  • Inhaling and exhaling the fresh air is healthy for your lungs, and is scientifically proven to enhance happiness.
  • Environmental stimulation to promote motivation – love the countryside? Or got a beach nearby? Then go to a visually pleasing looking location.
    1. It’s Good For Your Joints

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Unlike mainstream weight training where regimes can put pressure and ruin your joints, the new workouts can instead be better for them – as you can involve and build them up.

The Bottom Line

Functional fitness training is where the future of exercise is at, as its evolved and not only cut our time on activity but also it produces more effective results with actual health benefits to your body too.


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