Why is the internet losing over this horse spa?

Manicures, pedicures, and spa for your horses. Make sure your horse gets the world-class experience like never before at this spa exclusively.

Frazzled horses should get themselves to Emma Massingale’s home in Holsworth, North Devon, after she set up a spa for her ponies in her back garden.

The spa has state of the art luxury and professionals who work round the time to give the best experience to its customers. The customers and regular visitors here are unique in nature and one of a kind, they are natural speed pacers and have beautiful mesmerizing manes to quote the toughest standards of beauty. These customers are none of the humans, rather these are magnificent horses and ponies.

Emma Massingale’s home not only targets the horse’s health but it also gives athletic level training for these creatures.

Emma(owner/trainer) says:  Incredibly enough, the ponies were all too eager to get their Jacuzzi on.

The Training center is at making horses at ease and giving them a time of calm with sound sleeps and deep tissue massages.

For professional racehorses, state of the art machines is installed to give these horses special therapies to make them better at their particular performances. Therapies such hydrotherapy which makes them run inside water; enabling more muscle to muscle interaction and leading to increased performance stamina in the long run.

From steam baths to professional chiropractors, the ponies are sure to get the experience of their lifetime in this spa. Albert and Ernie(horses) were treated with a mud veil and fuller’s earthclay mask (finished with cooling cucumbers for their eyes), and in addition a twist and set blow dry, a hot stone back rub and an invigorating plunge in the hot tub. They even had their hooves painted with special animal-friendly clear varnish. The horses absolutely love them.

As well as making ponies feel beautiful, The owner Emma also works with troubled horses and is the first British person to have developed a language that is so well understood by horses that she can communicate with herds at any time and carry out complex exercises and maneuvers working as a team.

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