Why are mornings the best time to exercise? 

Waking up early to hit the gym or to do a round of running or walking is not just a part of a social routine, but research proves that mornings are indeed the best time to exercise to maximize its benefits.

The benefits of exercise are well-known, but what about the right time to work-out? You might choose easy at home exercises or formal weight training at the gym. Now the experts are differentiating the times of the day when working out is the most beneficial. There are many reasons why early morning exercising is recommended. You will also have to decide whether to have breakfast before or after the physical routine. Read on to know more…

The Benefits of Exercise

There are many advantages associated with a regular workout routine. It:

  • Boosts energy
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Controls weight
  • Improves mood
  • Combats health conditions and diseases.

Lack of Exercise, a global trend

A worldwide study conducted in 2013 proposed that a lack of exercise was resulting in as many deaths as smoking worldwide. The report printed in a leading daily estimated that approximately one third of adults were not doing sufficient physical activity. As a result, 5.3million deaths occurred every year. This figure equates to about 1in 10 deaths from conditions such as heart disease, breast and colon cancer and diabetes. Researchers considered the problem should be treated as a pandemic. Hence, the least we can do to save ourselves from these issues is to set our alarm clocks an hour earlier, and do some form of physical exercise to stay healthy.

Benefits of an Early Morning Workout

A Consistent Workout – There won’t be other things getting in the way and you will be fresh. People, who exercise early in the morning, perhaps running around the block, are more likely to keep to their workout plans.

A Healthy Heart – Working out in the morning can increase the impact on your heart.  One way your body wakes you up is by increasing hormones like adrenaline which makes your heart beat faster.

It is important to speak to your doctor about a morning workout if you have heart problems.  Research has indicated that extra heart movement can result in chest pain and possibly heart attacks.

Boosting Brain Power – Exercise increases acuity and mental focus up to 10hours post-workout. A morning workout means that both your body and brain will be healthy all day.

Better Weight Loss – You will have fewer food cravings for the rest of the day. Also, your body will burn calories faster and more proficiently. The early workout and nutritional foods is the way to go.

More Energy – A workout releases endorphins that improve energy and mood levels. This will last into the afternoon if you work out early. Morning exercise will allow you to get better sleep as you are not getting the energy boost late in the day.

Exercise Before or After Breakfast?

If your goal is weight-loss then you should work-out before eating. As by doing this your muscles won’t have much sugar to draw from. You will have to tap into stored energy. This will burn and release surplus fat.

If your aim is to improve physical fitness (speed or strength) you will need to fuel up before the workout. You will need energy to put in a good effort.

If you experience low blood sugar or if you’re diabetic, it’s better to eat breakfast or a snack before early morning workouts.

Regular work outs are essential for augmenting physical activity and extending a healthy life.  Keeping active can prevent chronic diseases.  Early morning exercise has many benefits.  Deciding to go before or after breakfast will depend on the desired outcome.  Essentially, it is important you are not included in the statistics which indicate a pandemic of individuals avoiding regular exercise.

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