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What’s the hype about Golden Milk Latte?

How to add turmeric to your latte recipe, also here are a few reasons, why you must add turmeric to your diet.

Golden milk latte has been termed as the unofficial drink. But how has the drink earned its name? The beverage is golden in all possible ways. It is made by combining coconut milk or oil and turmeric spice through warming.

What Makes Golden Milk Latte A Special Drink

Turmeric is the magic in the milk drink. It is a yellow Indian spice that is mostly used in curry dishes but has over time earned a name for its medicinal benefits. Its ability to cure almost all ailments has made it a darling to wellness enthusiasts. With its endless health benefits, turmeric can be ingested in a number of ways; powder form, root, spice or as an extract. There is no better way to consume turmeric than as an extract, due to the fact that it is absorbed fastest as a liquid. The extract also forms better potency and longer shelf life than powders.

Drinking golden milk latte is so far the most soothing and comforting way of consuming turmeric. Its recipes are not only extensive and depend on personal preferences but they can also be mixed with other ingredients such as ginger, peppercorns, cinnamon, and honey just to mention a few. A sip of this golden drink could help in weight loss, cure chronic inflammation, and also have remarkable benefits against depression.

Why You Should Drink Golden Milk Latte

Including a cup of golden milk latte in your meals will help massively in metabolism and digestion. It lowers fat mass and accelerates exercise and diet-induced weight loss. The liver is a body organ that plays a critical role in the burning of fat, turmeric in the milk helps in detoxification of the liver for excellent performance. Good news for people struggling with excess weight, the drink is the perfect weapon to fight disorders associated with obesity, these include Type 2 diabetes and obesity-induced inflammation.

Inflammation is essential in the body until it becomes problematic. Which better beverage to mitigate long-term inflammation than the golden milk latte? Chronic inflammation is responsible for diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and other conditions. Turmeric contains curcumin which turns out to be more effective than other anti-inflammatory drugs. By just consuming this fantastic drink, one can fight inflammation at the molecular level without the side effects of anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals.

Depression may seem to be common, but it is a severe mood disorder that can cause an impairment in the day to day life. It may cause one not to pursue life to the fullest and eventually drive to suicide. The golden milk provides one’s system with curcumin which serves as an antidepressant. Depression has been attributed to low levels of brain-derived neuro-factors, curcumin reverses this by boosting neurotransmitters.

So you know why to add Golden Milk Latte to your diet

With the various recipes available for preparing a golden milk latte one could explore endless health possibilities. From The look of things, this beverage could as well as kick other trending drinks from the ‘to-go-for’ list of many individuals. The refreshment has gone from being just a home-made drink to being offered in cafés in big cities like New York.



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