What’s the Gender-Neutral Approach in the Makeup industry?

As Makeup Companies Shift Towards a Gender-Neutral Approach, Is the Self-Care Industry About to Go Through a Massive Change? Here are few instances to give you an idea of how the Makeup industry is going through a change.

Nowadays, many progressive beauty companies are shifting towards a gender-neutral approach in their marketing, advertising, and production. The makeup company Covergirl, for example, launched an ad campaign with James Charles, their first male model,and spokesperson in 2016.

Competing companies are now pushing for this inclusive beauty marketing. This begs the question for the beauty industry: While beauty products have historically been targeted towards women, will the gender-neutral approach create a major change in the skin care and self-care industry?

The Facts

Marketing agencies are finding that more and more men, trans people, gender-fluid individuals, and non-binary people are taking advantage of skin care and beauty products. But what is the research behind it like? The communications company JWT conducted a survey of one thousand men in 2013 that revealed an upcoming appreciation for cosmetics.

They found that men are actually becoming more pressured to make themselves “beautiful,” and a good percentage of them utilize products typically geared towards women. The study found that 54% of these men used skin care products like moisturizer and eye cream, 33% used waxing and hair removal treatments, 39% used lip balm, and 29% even got manicures!

In addition, big fashion brands like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are now launching male-centered beauty lines, and consumer representatives are taking advantage of makeup and skin care products. While this study indicates that more men are becoming concerned about their beauty, it also reveals that beauty companies can dedicate their budget and advertising to a whole new market.

What Have Companies Been Doing So Far?

In addition to Covergirl’s revolutionary spokesperson, other companies have been fiercely utilizing the gender-neutral approach to their marketing – and they’ve found tremendous success. For example, a new direct-to-consumer startup brand Panacea is recently hitting the market, with a unique “gender-agnostic” method. Korean-American co-founder Terry Lee got the idea after he battled years of chronic cystic acne.

He felt that launching a non-gendered brand would reach more people and revolutionize the beauty market. More companies are utilizing gender-neutral skin care routines, unisex fragrances, and makeup to fit any style and gender identity. Brands are also getting rid of ad campaigns with strict gender roles. The AXE shampoo line, previously masculine-centered, is tailoring to modern men by helping them feel comfortable in their own skin with their #findyourmagic campaign.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

Will this gender-neutral approach bring a massive change to the beauty industry? It seems so – long gone are the days of strictly masculine men and feminine women. Companies should be enthusiastic to keep up with the quickly-changing times, and gender-neutral campaigns are seeing success for a variety of beauty products.

It seems unfair to only cater to the more traditional market, and companies can achieve more profit and more success by aligning with the changing market. As society continues to gradually change, so will the beauty and skin care industries.


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