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snake massage

When it comes to relaxation, people have different ideas of what things can help them relax. It’s fair to say that people all around the world are ready to try everything and anything at least once in their life. Here are some of the most unusual and unheard of spa treatments that are available for those who dare to try.

From a snake massage to a cactus massage, or a hay bed treatment or the noodle bath… these and many more such insane-sounding treatments are available at spas around the world that are worth a try, at least once in a lifetime. Here’s a list of the most unheard of spa treatments that could be worth a try.

Ramen Noodle Spa, Tokyo

ramen noodle bath

Yunessun Spa house, Hakone, Japan offers it visitors a spa where they are to soak in a giant ramen bowl which is full of pork broth which is pepper flavored. This Spa doesn’t just make you feel like a ramen noodle but also does wonders to your skin. According to the spa, the pork broth contains collagen, this helps in the beautification of the skin and a faster metabolism. This spa leaves the skin moisturized and gives it a glow that is likely to last for a couple of days.

Kiln Sauna, South Korea

Kiln Sauna is an old tradition in South Korea which has started to make a comeback. In this technique, users are sent inside a clay kiln which is powered using burning charcoal and wood. This burning can make the temperature reach up to 200 degree Celsius. When the charcoal is being made the temperatures inside the kiln can reach up to 1,400 degree Celsius. People are covered in jute blanket since synthetic clothing has a chance of melting in the kilns. This Spa might seem like torture, however, Koreans believe that the heat of the kiln is thought to have great health benefits and there is a long-held belief in the therapeutic properties of charcoal and clay.

Snake Massage, Bali

Bali Heritage Reflexology and Spa, Jakarta offers its customers an unusual spa that involves pythons. Customers experience a not-so-relaxing spa which involves pythons crawling on their backs. The Spa claims that the adrenaline rush which is experienced during this helps in increasing the metabolism. The snakes being used are said to be non-venomous.

Cactus Massage, Mexico

Four seasons, Mexico offers its customers a Hakali Signature Massage using a combination of various indigenous flora, sage and tequila body lotion and local massage techniques. The main ingredient used in the massage is Hakali. The massage which was named by the local Huichol Indians named it Hakali because of the same reason. Hakali is said to have many antioxidant healing properties.  This massage in combination with the warm Nopal will help to remove toxins and re-hydrate the skin, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated and calm.

Hay Bath, Italy

hay bath italy

Hotel Heubad, Northern Italy, offers its customers Hay bath. They’ve switched out mud for hay. Customers are invited to lie down while they are covered in hay for 20 minutes following which they lie down on a water bed for another 30 minutes. This treatment is being given there since the year1903. Scientific documents underline the positive and long-lasting effect of 7 to 9 hay baths whose effects last from 8 to 10months in case of arthritis, sleep disorders, digestive problems, and physiological or physical exhaustion.

Chocolate Fondue Bath, Pennsylvania

Hotel Hershey, Pennsylvania, offers its customers a chocolate fondue bath. Chocolate is said to have many antioxidants like Flavanol that help your skin protect itself from UV damage, fight free radicals and increase blood flow. It also helps keep your skin hydrated and young looking. In this spa, the people are covered in chocolate fondue and then wrapped in the blanket so as to enhance the effect of the cocoa. The spa claims that this treatment revitalizes and nourishes the skin.

Cryotherapy, Finland

cyrotherapy finland

Haikko Spa, Finland offers its customers cryotherapy which involves customers entering chambers with temperatures lower than 110 degree Celsius for less than 3 minutes at a time. Cold treatment has a long history and it has been used for centuries to release pain. Cold treatment is still used to ease swelling and pain. It has originally been used for pain relief and treatment of rheumatic diseases. Cold treatment is now also widely used for sleeping disorders, stress symptoms and skin diseases like psoriasis. People who have tried cold treatment report that it made them feel energetic. Super cold treatment is safe and suits most people. During the treatment you wear a bathing suit, headgear to protect your ears, mittens, socks and felt footwear.

Venik Massage, Russia

The venik massage is a common treatment in Russia. Venik refers to leafy, fragrant bundle of leafy birch or oak tree twigs. This treatment takes place in a sauna. Customers are smothered in olive oil and then repeatedly hit by oak tree twigs and leaves. After being repeatedly hit the customer is then told to rinse it off with freezing cold water. Venik leaves release phytoncides – a biologically active substance that kills or depresses the growth and development of pathogens. Essential oils released by venik improve metabolism and prevent premature aging of the skin. The skin after this massage is left looking refreshing and moisturized.

Fire Facial, China

fire facial, china

Huo Liao is a popular treatment in China, normally known as Chines Fire Facial. In this, customers have a towel which is soaked in alcohol or elixir which is placed on an affected area like face, back, belly. This towel is then lit on fire for less than a minute after which the flame smothered using a damp towel. This facial helps to get a more radiant looking, younger skin. It also helps in reducing the wrinkles and tightening the skin and achieving an even skin tone. It is also said to relieve the muscle pain. However, anyone indulging in this facial must get a patch test first to test the sensitivity of their skin to avoid any burn marks.

Sake Bath, New York

Shibui spa, Greenwich Hotel, New York customers are made to bathe in a tub of fermented rice wine. This treatment is said to have anti-ageing benefits due to the kojic acids, amino acids, and enzymes produced as a result of the fermentation. These elements reduce the pigmentation of the skin and leave the skin looking hydrated and moisturized. These factors help to have a more youthful appearance.


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