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Treat your sore muscles with these fixes

Every hard workout comes with a price to pay: muscle soreness, Global Spa brings you in some tips to ease them out

Warming up before exercise:

Jumping straight onto weights might just do you more harm than good, loading your muscles without any prior preparation only increases the chances of getting soreness and cramps over time.

A bit of cardio and stretching might work out as a great deal of help. Concentrate on dynamic stretches such as walking lunges which’ll prepare your muscles for the upcoming workout


Hydration is one of the most essential things in a workout, increased water intake not only helps in preventing muscle cramps but also acts as ananti-inflammatory for the muscles,

if they’re subject to soreness post workout. Fitness routines usually induce excessive sweating; hence hydration also helps in retaining the water content in the body, and if one adds a sports beverage in the routine; then it also helps regain the lost electrolytes during the workout.


Ice has an anti-inflammatory property which can be utilised for treating muscle soreness. Almost every athletic club has an ice-bath facility to help out sore muscles of athletes after a schedule of game.

The bath not only relaxes the person but also targets muscle soreness and reduces its symptoms; preventing any coarse pain.

Drink coffee

Studies have proved that coffee can prevent the effect of muscle soreness almost by half. Coffee contains a good amount of caffeine with induces special chemical releases in the body which reduce the pain of muscle soreness.

Some fitness experts recommend 2 cups of coffee before a workout routine. The caffeine intake is also reportedly said to increase one’s body endurance which helps in the further workout sessions.

Deep- tissue massage

deep-tissue massage is said to increase the targeted blood flow to the affected area, which in turn helps the blood flow to remove away chemicals that induce muscle soreness. You can use massaging machines and devices for the purpose and they work great.

Massaging just above and below the affected area works best in this case as it targets the soreness perfectly ensuring a speedy recovery.


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