Alternative Therapies

Treat depression with Alternative Therapies

Being depressed can make you helpless and lead to more problems. Here is a range of therapies to treat depression effectively.

From diet and exercise to mental conditioning, some alternative treatments can surely recover your depression. These are some of the effective ways to manage your depression.


An ancient Chinese method of healing in which very fine and solid needles are inserted into specific

parts of the body. This method prompts the body to produce chemicals that reduce painful sensations.

For people who suffer depression and pain both at the same time, acupuncture is the best method to heal both the conditions.



The process of reflexology starts by putting pressure to specific points on the hands and feet. In Reflexology, the body has the capacity to heal and recover.


Before starting a new exercise routine, it is always advisable to consult a doctor. Various exercises like muscle pulling, playing lead you to increase your energy level and balance and improve your well – being. Exercises gives you the ability to relax.


Meditation is an effective technique that treats depression effectively and should be practiced for 10 minutes everyday. It is a form of relaxation where your mind is focused on one thing, could be a painting or a random thought but your body is at rest.


Breathing techniques help you energize when you feel down or depressed. Breathing helps a person feel relaxed mentally and physically. Postures in yoga make your body feel strong and improve your sense of well -being. Breathing is one of the methods that provides link between the body and your mind.


During massage, the release of serotonin, dopamine and decrease of cortisol helps one reduce pain, improve sleep, and lessen depression. There are some massage techniques such as Reiki, Swedish massage are the ones that promote mind and body connection

Guided Imagery and Relaxation

This technique is like a mental escape for therapeutic purposes. It is a focused form of relaxation that helps one to create peace and balance between mind and body. Guided imagery creates peaceful images in your mind and reduces the pain and stress in you.

These depression techniques would make you realize the right approach for you to de-stress and reduce your pain.


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