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Things to Keep in Mind with Your First Home Hair Spa

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The indulgences of a spa are enjoyed by one and all. But if you are planning on spinning off a hair spa session at home, you must read this guide to get it right.

The word “spa” originates in the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece. It means to take a healing bath or soak in spring water that is rich in minerals. This ritual has remained popular for thousands of years simply because it works.

There is nothing more soothing than spending some quality pampering time devoted to the resuscitation of the mind and body that a spa treatment brings. Setting aside some time at home to indulge the senses with a home hair spa has the added benefit of beautifying the hair and ridding you of stress in one go.

Here is a list of things to keep in mind before you embark upon your first home hair spa. Make sure to have the ingredients needed on hand. They are hair oil, shampoo, conditioner and a hair mask.

Magical Massage


A home hair spa is not only about slapping a product onto the scalp. Nutrients are introduced to the follicular region on the head and a slow steady massage increases the blood circulation which boosts hair growth. This is the first step to preparing the hair.

Warm up some olive oil, coconut oil or your favored hair massage oil product. Next, rub it in with slow, gentle finger-tip pressure making sure to cover the entire scalp area. To complete the mood, play some relaxing music and breathe deeply and slowly.

Steaming the Hair


When the scalp has been properly coated with the hair oil, dip a towel in a basin of hot to warm water and wring it out. Make sure that as much excess water is removed as possible. Then wrap the towel around your hair. Remember – the longer the hair, the bigger the towel.

This will allow the oil to sink deep into your scalp. Keep it on for around 5-minutes or until the towel has cooled.

Time to Wash


It is important with a home hair spa to use a mild shampoo when washing your hair.  The wording on the shampoo bottle will always inform you has to whether it is a mild shampoo or one that may strip the nutrients from your scalp. Use cold/very tepid water for this, as hot water is harmful to the hair’s roots.

Conditioner Application


After shampooing with gentle massaging finger-tip pressure it is conditioning time.  Most people do not leave on their conditioner long enough. Only rinse off your conditioning treatment after half an hour with warm water and keep the shampoo far away.

There are some lovely conditioning treatments able to be made at home. Tea water with a few lime drops added is perfect for anyone who has frizzy hair. A paste made of grated or food processed beetroot with a tablespoon of hibiscus flower powder will bring out the red highlights in the hair.

The Grand Finale – The Hair Mask

This last and final step is crucial because it will seal in the hair’s nutrients. This will keep your hair and scalp enriched for longer and the benefits of your home hair spa will be extended.

A lovely mask that can be made at home is two beaten eggs, a tablespoon of honey and enough coconut or olive oil to make enough to cover the scalp and hair. A hair-softening banana can be added too. Rinse it off with warm water after 20-minutes with your mild shampoo.

And that is the successful completion of your first home hair spa. Repeat the process once a month to maintain healthy, shiny and soft hair.


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