The Exquisite ‘Governors Olive Oil’ from Greece


The three generation of the Dafnis family tend the aged ‘Lianolia’ variety olive trees in their family grove which are native to Corfu and the Ionian Sea region in Greece. Under the right conditions and care, ‘Lianolia’ tree produces an exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil. Here’s its story.

Corfu is one of the greenest and most fertile of Greek islands, it has a suitable climate which is ideal for olives, vines, and fruit such as kumquat, figs, and grapes. The ‘Lianolia’ olive tree variety thrives on a high amount of ground and needs moisture in the atmosphere in order to be able to produce its rich foliage and finest quality olives. The olive oil produced by the ‘Lianolia’ olive tree is unusually high in beneficial polyphenols. The Dafnis family produces two editions of olive oil. Read on to know more about these editions.

Premium Edition

governor-500ml-premium-extra-virgin-unfiltered-olive-oil-limited-editionThis edition has a fresh aroma and taste, is rich in texture and has healthy antioxidants. This harvest oil is unfiltered and is harvested and cold-pressed at the Dafnis family olive mill at very low temperatures with utmost care. The end result leaves us with a superb natural olive juice with unusually high polyphenols content.

Limited Edition

It is an extra rare virgin olive; this first batch of limited edition, the olive oil juice is full of goodness. It is left unfiltered and has the aroma of freshly-harvested and pressed olives, is emerald green in color, has a rich texture and a unique peppery taste.



The Governors Oils’olives are harvested in a very different way. The Dafnis family has developed their own method of hand-harvesting; they use a rod which gently vibrates for not more than 15 seconds. It is ensured that it does not “shock” the tree or cause damage or small wounds to the branches. The olives then fall into nets, which are slightly raised so that when they fall, they are not bruised from impact with the ground and are caught. The harvesting begins in the month of October since that is the month that the olives begin to change color and ripen.

Health Benefits

The Governor oil was tested in March 2014 at the University of Athens and its result was compared with the results of 700 other olive oil samples, from 30 different olive varieties. The governor oils results were quite impressive. The oleocanthal and oleace in concentrations in it are 7 times higher than the average of the samples. These elements along with a few other presents in The Governor oil are related with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective benefits. If 20g is consumed daily than the blood lipids are protected from oxidative stress.


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