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Tea Lovers Alert: Upgrade your experience with Tisane

Tisane GS

Here are a list of Tisanes you might be thinking was a herbal tea

As we enter to New Year, Radhika introduces a mix of calming and energising Tisanes to the readers. Tisanes are basically, teas without the leaf and they are infusions made from leaves, bark, roots, berries, seeds, and spices. Tisanes are decaffeinated (decaf) and great as post meal as well as your quiet moments. Here are few Tisanes for you to brew a perfect cup.

Chamomile Flower Decaf CALMING Tisane

Specially handpicked from the Fujian province of China, each chamomile flower is cautiously selected and dried with care. An infusion so pure and calming that it is often referred to as the comfort tea by tea lovers.

Watching the chamomile flowers bloom in your teacup is a meditative experience in itself. Once ready, sit back and sip your worries away with the delicate, aromatic, earthy and sweet flavour of this magical infusion to switch your Zen mode on.  As a quiet moment tea, chamomile also aids in digestion, calms the nerves, and gives you a happy, radiant skin.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

VaniTea: Use wet re-steeped chamomile flowers wrapped in POTLIS to dab away blemishes and marks.


Blooming Big Bud RADIANCE Tisane

Handpicked specially from the Fujian province of China, the Blooming Bud infusion is our most popular tisane known for its theatrical performance in a tea cup.

Known for its visual appeal, this artisan tea is a work of art where the finest green leaves are bundled around a flower and further sewed into small balls. When steeped, they bloom into a splendid floral arrangement or ‘a drama in a vase’s as we love to call it. Relaxing and meditative, Blooming Big Bud RADIANCE Tisane infusion is mild, earthy, sweet, and aromatic on your taste buds.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

The bloomed flower as it dries up can be kept in a vase for its visual appeal for up to 5 days.


Jasmine Flower Decaf RADIANCE Tisane

Jasmine the native to ancient Persia was brought to China 1700 years ago. Planted in the province of Fujian, with some of the finest Chinary bushes and a specific combination of climate and soil, only the youngest of tea buds are plucked and packed to give you the finest and most premium Flush.  Our Jasmine Flower Decaf RADIANCE Tisane is said to have health and immunity benefits. Jasmine tisane contains several different kinds of antioxidants that provide protection to the membranes of the red blood cells.

Known for its comforting, relaxing and warming properties, the Jasmine Flower Decaf RADIANCE Tisane is considered to help brighten one’s mood and was used as a soothing beneficial beverage.  This tisane is a Quiet-moment beverage that can be had any time during the day when you long to get in touch with your inner self and relax.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

  1. Culinary Tip:  This infusion can be an excellent addition to mocktails and cocktails. They can even be iced into tealiteful popsicles.
  2. VaniTea: Rub the infused flower ice cubes on your skin as a cleanser and a toner.


Butterfly Blue Pea Decaf WELLNESS Tisane

Butterfly Blue Pea Decaf

A native of Thailand and one of the hot sellers of Radhikas Fine Teas, this tisane is made from Butterfly Blue Pea flowers. The flowers are grown and sourced from the mountainous regions of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in Thailand and treated to give you a mesmerising blue-coloured infusion.

Vibrant and full-bodied, this pure and 100% caffeine free tisane is rich in antioxidants and is known for its anti-ageing properties. A hot seller at Radhikas Fine Teas all year long, Butterfly Blue Pea Decaf WELLNESS Tisane is your answer if you are looking for a refreshing, energising, and a calming tea that works as a great detox.

And if you’re a novice to the concept of fine teas, Radhika recommends this tea just for its unique tea experience. What’s that you ask? It’s the mind-blowing colour-changing transition of the infusion, which you see when the flowers hit their best friend – water, from light blue to cobalt to purple when you leave them to infuse for long.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

  1. The rich blue infusion of this tisane can be used in food, desserts, cocktails and mocktails to enhance the flavour and look of your recipes.
  2. As a VaniTea, ice cube it to slow the ageing process or simply wrap it in a muslin cloth and rub it over your eyes to cure tired, puffed or fatigue eyes.


Bael Decaf DIGESTIVE Tisane

Handpicked by our artisans in Thailand, this artsy looking fruit is handpicked in Phuket, dried, and packaged to give you a truly tealiteful experience. Typical of all tropical fruits, the bael fruit when brewed as a tisane, is a great coolant and when served as an iced tea, it revives you instantly.

Exotic as it may sound and look, this tisane is very popular as a healing treat in north of India as a dish and is a hot favourite among the fine tea drinkers in Thailand during summer.  Earthy in taste and aromatic in every sip, it acts as a thorough detox, aids in digestion and cures all tummy-related imbalances. Sip it all day long or enjoy as a post-meal ritual, you can rest assured that this caffeine-free, pure tisane will leave your senses calm and refreshing.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

  1. Dip a cotton ball in cool Bael infusion and gently dab it on burns or tanned areas of your body to heal.


Hibiscus Roselle Decaf DETOX Tisane

Sour, vibrant, fruity, and beautiful – this artistic tisane is your cup of tea if you’re looking for something happy and tangy to uplift your mood! A native of Thailand, this fruit is dried and packaged in Phuket to seal its fragrance and freshness as is before it reaches your cuppa.

Humble in appearance only till they meet their best friend-water, the flecks of Hibiscus Roselle bloom into a magical red infusion enticing you to sip it instantly. This fruity drink is completely free from caffeine, aids in digestion, weight loss and works as a great detox. Owing to its rich natural colour and healing properties, Hibiscus Roselle Decaf DETOX Tisane is particularly famous in Thailand and USA as a food enhancer in various food recipes.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

  1. Add used Hibiscus Roselle leaves to gravies and mocktails to infuse that special magic of distinct notes to your recipes.


Zorab Decaf FLORAL Tisane

Delicately handpicked for freshness, treated specially for tisanes, and sourced straight from our blenders in the food capital of the world – Istanbul, this colourful, tealightful and enticing RADHIKA’S Fine Teas Flowery Tisane can spruce up your romantic evenings or energize your quiet moments alike.

Carefully curated flowers like rosehip, linden along with rose buds’ petals simply add to the surreal experience this tisane is known for. Hence, at Radhikas Fine Teas this tisane is fondly called as the Lovers Tea. This flowery infusion’s aromatic and smooth aftertaste leaves you relaxed and calmer with every sip.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

Use this bright red brew as is in tea infused food or simply ice it up into a happy popsicle by adding a dash of honey and a vanilla pod or infuse the brew in other desserts as its bright hue enhance the colour of your recipe in a healthy way. This tea also works as a great cheat-buster for people who love sweets and cannot have it for reasons like diabetes, etc.


Pomegranate Flecks RADIANCE Tisane

Handpicked specially by our blenders in Istanbul, this is a true Beautea

Pomegranate flecks in all its glory reminds you of the markets of Turkey where fruity tisanes are in abundance.

Our top of the line premium tisane evokes feelings of “times of yore” of ancient brewing and blending at the bazaars with accents of nuts, spices, and culinary treats.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

  1. Vanitea: End of the day, the infusion can be iced into trays and applied to calm acne, blemishes, tans and irritated sensitive skin. Dab your UNDER EYES to get rid of fatigue eyes by placing the wet leaf in a muslin cloth.
  2. Culinary Tip: Use the infusion to make sugar-free Pomegranate popsicles.


Oregano Decaf DIGESTIVE Tisane

Handpicked by Radhika from the hills of Pylos trailing from Athens to Costa Navarino, the sprigs of Oregano used in Radhika’s Fine Teas are known for their crisp, locked-in freshness.  Known to have been invented by the Greek goddess Aphrodite, this herb was considered as a symbol of joy than an herb back then.

Today, Oregano is popular for its medicinal properties and culinary goodness when sprinkled as a seasoning on Italian dishes or infused into an herbal tea. A sharp, delicate brew, Radhika Fine Teas Oregano Tisane can be sipped all day long to cure cough, cold and digestive disorders.  Blended with superior black leaf to enhance robustness.

Radhika’s Tea Tips

VANITEA: Hot Oregano infusion can be used for facial steaming to clear the blemishes and when infused with ice cubes, it’s a very effective make-up remover.


Rosemary Decaf DETOX Tisane

As goes the saying goes, Rosemary is for remembrance not just in the Shakespearean world but in our world of fine teas as well. In the ancient times, this aromatic herb was used to sharpen the memory of a person and was popularly known as the fidelity of lovers – making it a symbol of love in many folklores.  Blended with superior black leaf to enhance robustness.

Fascinating as it might be, at Radhikas Fine Teas, Rosemary is considered as the numero uno herb for its healing qualities. Handpicked from the hills of Pylos by Radhika on her wondrous tea trail from Costa Navarino to Pylos from Athens, the Rosemary tisane entices you with its mild, flavourful aroma and heals you inside out by calming your nerves, improving your digestion and giving you a glowing skin.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

Someone once said, ‘where rosemary flourished, the woman ruled.’ Looks like it must be true given its amazing VaniTea hacks. Rosemary in hot water can be used for facial steaming to clear the blemishes and by when infused in ice cubes, it works as an incredible make-up remover.


Sage Decaf CALMING Tisane

‘How can a man grow old who has sage in his garden,’ goes an old saying quoted in Persia, China and some parts of Europe. Sage derived from the word ‘Salvia’ means the Saviour and true to its meaning, this herb cures, heals and promotes good health.

Radhika discovered the true magic of this herb on her tea trails to Pylos hills in 2015. Apart from its widely known healing properties, Radhika strongly recommends this aromatic, romantic and delicate brew if you are constantly on your toes mentally and physically and are looking for a moment with your inner self or your better half. An instant nerve-calmer, a resilient cold and cough warrior, and a steady bridge leading to your soul mate, Radhika’s Fine Teas Sage Decaf CALMING Tisane is a solace you can blindly rely on.  Blended with superior black leaf to enhance robustness.

Radhika’s Tea Tips:

  1. Domestic use – Use sage in warm water to dust away the pollution at home.
  2. Medicinal use – Sponge soaked in Sage infusion can be dabbed to get relief from fever or infections.
  3. VaniTea – Ice cubed sage infusion rubbed on the face clears away the blemishes


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