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Suggestions to Help You Pick the Correct Spa Treatment

Let’s help you choose your spa treatment

Are you tempted to spend some quality time on yourself? A spa treatment is a perfect way to do it. Some research will be needed to make sure that you pick the right one for you and a quick read of these helpful suggestions will do just that.

Decisions Are Important

Before jumping in and choosing a spa to visit, do a little bit of research about your choice first. Most good hotels have a well-reputed spa facility. There are some excellent spa chains in many cities too.

If a stand-alone spa is the one closest to you – use the online reviews to ascertain its quality first. Customer service, hygiene and staff qualifications are the boxes that should be ticked before making an appointment.

The Perfect Massage Treatment for You

Spas offer a list of standard massages and will have a few signature ones too that are unique to their establishment. Usually alongside the massage name will be a description of the process that is offered with it. If any of these descriptions are confusing, you can ring or ask in person what it entails. By asking in person at the spa you can check out their premises at the same time.

The best way to choose is to know how much pressure you prefer during the massage and the reason you want one in the first place. Gentle pressure is for a very relaxing treatment and an aromatherapy spa massage is ideal for this.

If you want relief from muscle spasm or joint pain, seek out a spa that offers an Ayurvedic or Balinese massage.

The Ideal Facial

Have a consultation before booking your facial to assist in picking the correct treatment. The therapist will be able to diagnose what kind is needed. Facials have many benefits as they can plump out wrinkles, soften expression lines, relieve jaw pain from clenching and ease tension headaches.

Dry, dull skin will benefit from a microdermabrasion facial (not recommended for sensitive, rosacea, eczema or retinoid user skins). Sagging, loose skin will improve with a micro-current or radio frequency facial.

Manicure & Pedicure Choices

Most manicures and pedicures start out the same way with people able to choose a basic or more creative style. Your nails say a lot about you and your style so keep that in mind.

If it is your first time at having one, the nail technician will spend time preparing the nails with a cuticle soak and an oil, cream or lotion massage.

You can then choose from a stiletto, square, oval or combo of the two called a squoval nail shape on the hands. Colour selection is done before the treatment starts and nail art can be added once the coats are dry. Pick the right spa that offers the technique you want.

The Day Spa

A trip to the spa is like a mini-holiday. You can pick a Destination Spa Resort if you want to devote a weekend to pure relaxation and indulgence.

If a few hours are all you have, consider having a body wrap or hydrotherapy with steam room/sauna. These treatments open up the pores and rid the body of toxins which makes it the ideal pick if you have been burning the candle at both ends.





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