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Scalp Care is as Important as Skincare

The skin of your scalp is delicate and taking good care of it is equally important as your skin. Here are some tips to take care of your scalp.

A healthy scalp needs proper care and pampering. Scalp care is equally important as skincare and without realizing we do damage to our scalps. We bring you a list some of the scalp care regimes you should follow regularly.

 Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliating your scalp regularly is very important. Suffering from dry skin requires 2-3 times exfoliating per week otherwise for removing dead skin cells from the skin of your scalp, it requires once weekly of exfoliating.

 Moisturize your scalp’s skin

Exposing your scalp skin to hot water should be avoided. Lukewarm water should be used for rinsing which allows moisturizing the tissue that remains on your scalp. You should allow your hair to blow dry naturally to give the skin of your scalp from the drying heat exerted by the blow dryer.


To let the circulation keep going in your scalp, all you need to massage the skin when you take a shower.

5- 10 minutes of massage on your scalp will surely give you an ultimate experience.

Right Diet for your scalp

To produce new and healthy cells, a good and balanced diet is beneficial for a good skin of your scalp. Proper amount of protein is very important for healthy scalp and hair.

Shampoo Regularly

What shampoo you use for your hair is as important as how often you do it. For specific scalp problems, it is advised to use shampoos with particular brands that have natural ingredients.

Chemical treatments should be limitedly used

Coloring treatments and straightening may add style to your hair but the chemicals used in it may damage the scalp of your skin. For any chemical treatment, it is advisable to take recommendations from a professional.



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