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Restorative Yoga and its benefits

In this fast-paced life, Restorative yoga lets you slow down and spare some time to relax. Restorative yoga is extremely beneficial for people having a hectic life and offers few more health benefits to calm your body down.

True to its name, restorative yoga focuses on restoration of the body. Than most contemporary yoga, Restorative yoga is a different kind of experience that focuses of relaxation and peace. Restorative yoga does not include any difficult exercise but with the use of props like blankets, towels, chairs etc., develops a sense of comfort within oneself. In this type of yoga, the body gets relaxed and de-stresses one with little stress.

Increases Flexibility

When you release all the tension of your body, restorative yoga makes your body flexible as a result of deep and elongated stretches. In restorative yoga, when you hold postures for at least two minutes and often even longer, the tight muscles stretch and release slowly. The risk of straining muscles gets reduced and your body becomes flexible.

It heals the body

Restorative yoga activates the Parasympathetic nervous system. When then PNA is engaged through restorative yoga, the heart rate slows down to a healthy level. Restorative yoga ensures aid recovery and cures sickness. Restorative yoga can be customized to an individual’s need and allows people with low energy to enjoy some stretches and exercises.

Helps you lose weight

High cortisol levels are the major contributor for weight gain and restorative yoga helps in reducing cortisol levels that are held responsible for the increase of abdominal fat. Restorative yoga is the mellowest form of yoga, which is easily accessible for all.

Restorative Yoga Poses


In this pose, you fold the upper half of your body over your lower half. During this, your knees should be slightly bent to avoid pulling your hamstring. This yoga pose improves one’s digestion, calms the brain and help remove anxiety and stress.


Balasana is a restorative yoga pose that enables to release the tension in the back, shoulders and chest while stretching the hips, ankles, and thighs. It promotes the blood circulation throughout the body, encourages the right way of breathing and calms the body and mind down.


In Savasana, you lay flat on the floor in neutral position and it’s a pose that can increase flexibility in your spine and strengthen the muscle surrounding the lower spine is Savasana. This is the most relaxing pose that reduces the body, reduces headache, and helps to lower blood pressure.


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