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Reconnect, recharge & Revitalize at the Absolute Sanctuary

From fitness to health, lifestyle, and weight management; this latest wellness resort covers it all. Located in the greens of Thailand, the absolute sanctuary is setting a benchmark for effective fitness wellness programs that can make you a better version of yourself in no time!

Being the first and the only fitness wellness resort located in Asia, Absolute sanctuary is the creator of award winning guest experiences, benefits of which will last a lifetime. Their affiliation with Absolute You allowed this fitness resort to have an upper hand in their programs like Yoga, Pilates, core program and healthy food programs.

Absolute You had quite an interesting beginning; it started small and focused entirely on yoga practices in 2002. Fast forward to the recent years, they were able to develop complete fitness training and well-being program and steadily became the largest health and lifestyle brand in Thailand. All these achievements came from a balanced approach in their exercise programs and healthy nutrition techniques. Absolute you encompass the Absolute brands of yoga, pilates, core blast, cycle, pilates+, fit food and the sanctuary resort all that are targeted towards attaining active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles. Their concern with the evolution of self is not only restricted to their clients, but also for their staff and their business as a whole, offering quality instruction, consistent training, utmost professionalism, and a caring health-conscious equilibrium to maintain a set standard.

Since their launch on 1st April 2008, the Absolute sanctuary has only grown popular, from a destination meant for detoxing and yoga holidays to one where you can get firm, tone and fit.

Gaining popularity and attraction from tourists all over, in 2010, Absolute sanctuary underwent expansion and constructed new wing housing, two new yoga studios and an expanded Love Kitchen restaurant. A fitness studio was added in 2011. In the later years, they enjoyed a new makeover with new palette of uplifting colours in its decor and floor tiles that only added to their already lavish designs. 2014 was however a milestone year as this wellness resort became the first in Asia to introduce Pilates Reform Boot Camp holiday with the addition of a Pilates Group Reform studio to its facilities.

Now plan your next vacation to Thailand and add stop by this wellness resort for a relaxing, tranquil, and enjoyable time!

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