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Ras Luxury Oils Celebrates the Essence Of Life

Ras Luxury Oils elevates your radiant beauty and awakens your mind, body, and soul.

Ras luxury oil is a treasure-trove of pure and natural essences that inspires a sense of happiness and luxury in every moment.  Ras Luxury Oils awakens your senses to a higher experience using ancient, holistic practices and spiritual traditions.

Ras Luxury Oils offers you with some face elixirs, plant oils, polishes and liquid luxuries that lets you radiate beautifully inside and out.

Face Elixirs

Infinity is an anti-ageing face elixir which is a blend of precious oils that nourishes you and renews a youthful glow on your skin. Ras Luxury oils also offer Luminous skin clearing face elixir that cleanses and clears your skin to give an absolute complexion. A day face elixir that tones the skin and clears blemishes is the Radiance Beauty-Boostingday face elixir which relaxes the mind with its heavenly fragrance. During the nighttime, the Revival rejuvenating night face elixir promotes the healing and revival process of the skin while you are asleep.

Pure Essential Oils

Ras Luxury oils deal with a huge variety of pure essential oils like Sweet Orange essential oil that maintains healthy and glowing skin, Lemon essential oil that is used as an effective disinfectant and cleanser due to its antibacterial properties. Peppermint essential oil is one of its variety that revives the body and inspires a sense of peace.

Liquid Luxury

Ras Luxury oils have a variety of some liquid luxuries like Lustre Liquid luxury that deeply cleanses and hydrates dry skin to have an even skin texture and emanate lustrous, natural glow. On the other hand, Serenity liquid luxury relaxes the body by soothing the muscles and eases away the stresses.

Pure Plant Oils

Ras Luxury oils offer pure plant oils that give key benefits like mild sun protection, treating of split-ends and frizzy hair. Argan oil is an ancient beauty secret that gives your skin and hair a lustrous sheen frizzy hair. A pure plant oil that can be used as a mild sun protection with SPF 15 and revitalizes dull and dry hair is the Pomegranate pure plant oil.


Ras luxury oils have a variety of polishes like Lavender and Geranium Himalayan salt polish that is a soothing body polish which calms the mind and body with its therapeutic aroma. Adding to the list of polishes, Orange and Rosemary Himalayan salt polish brightens the skin and releases stress and soothe the muscles of the body.


Ras luxury oils discover the elegance of a fine collection of some miniatures that will give you a glimpse into your luxurious beauty products. Miniatures like face elixir miniatures contain radiance beauty-boosting day face elixirs, infinity anti-ageing face elixirs that help you radiate the real beauty on your skin. Pure essential oil miniatures unlocks the powerful benefits of the potent extracts of aromatic plant and flowers bottled in them.

Premium Gift Boxes

To make your experience exquisitely special, Ras luxury oils create customizable, handcrafted premium gift hampers with innovative, reusable packing that will engrave a memory in the mind of your loved ones forever.


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