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Prime Minister Modi’s 5 element walk

Our Prime Minister has time and again come forward and shown his interest in health and fitness. In his attempt to promote good health and healthy living he took up Virat Kohli’s Fitness challenge and introduced the concept of the 5 element morning walk. Here is everything you should know about it.

This form of exercise involves all 5 elements of nature.



The earth is our source of stability and represents balance. In basic human terms, to strengthen your earth elements means to strengthen your mind, get more grit and determination and take an uninterrupted path towards your goal.

How To Work On Earth Element

Every morning make it a point to stay ‘grounded.’ Do not lose the sense of your goals and your future and practice some breathing exercises. Throughout the day try to stay in touch with Mother Earth by walking, standing or sitting on the ground. Yoga and Martial Arts are also a great way of connecting with Mother Earth.



Water is a very important element. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Water is said to have healing and nurturing powers. After taking a bath or going swimming very often our body relaxes and our mind becomes calm and focused.

How To Work On Water Element

Drinking loads of water throughout the day may sound very easy but can save us from being dehydrated and make us feel energized. Water is extremely vital and very good for our health. Waters property is that it flows freely, just like that, it is important to let our feelings also flow freely. Learn to acknowledge and respect all your feelings without labeling them as good or bad, negative or positive. Try to practice swimming, it soothes your mind and heals your body.



Fire is a symbol of power, confidence, fame, recognition, and money. The fire element is the element of love and all affairs of the heart. Though fire in its positive form is enlightenment and radiance, however, when it turns negative the feelings it can result in traits like rage, hatred, greed, envy, and the desire for revenge. So, it is very important to connect with the Fire element and keep it balanced.

How To Work On Fire Element

The fire element can be used by letting the sun rays touch you as much as possible. It brings you Vitamin D which is not only good for your health but also helps soothe you and clear your head.‘Sun energy’ is what it is called in Naturopathy it is the source of life and energy and  helps disinfect the body, tones the muscles and nerves,

Wear warmer colors – reds, oranges, yellows. Drop the pessimistic attitude and train yourself to see the bright side of every event. Find healthy ways to burn negative energy




The air element is very basic and important to our mere existence. We cannot survive without breathing. Air represents growth and is associated with movement, joy, and happiness. Air is said to induce courage and motivate you to attain your goals. Balancing Air is very important and while doing that we should keep in mind that all of us: plants, animals, humans are all breathing and thriving in the same air. This, in turn, is bound to make you feel more connected with your surroundings. If air is not kept balanced, then there is a chance that it will induce fear, anxiety and nervous agitation.

How To Work On Your Air Element

Go out for an early morning walk or exercise. Fill your lungs, eyes, mind, and ears with clarity and peace that this time usually has to offer. Steer clear of anxiety-inducing images and news, especially at night. Do breathing exercises, they will help you concentrate throughout the day.



The element of sky represents expansion and enhancement. Balancing the Sky element can help you as it helps induce knowledge and awareness. Sky element helps you in syncing your energies and be one with the universe. The influence of space is limitless. Space is the most powerful and important element since nothing else can exist without the Space element. Balancing the space element can give you healing powers. It is important to wake up and thank each element every morning.

How To Work On Your Space Element

While meditating, try to sit silently. Connect with the sound of the universe. This can help you feel at peace. Focus on your hearing, whether it is conversations, responses or the sounds of nature. Practice ‘Big Picture’ thinking. Expand your horizon by thinking about the larger purpose of life and the rhythm of life.

Our Prime Minister posted a fitness video this morning, in which he walks on a track that is inspired by the 5 elements of nature such as, Fire, Water, Space, Air, and Earth. He claims that this is extremely refreshing and rejuvenating and frankly it’s quite a different way of exercising and staying fit too.

Our prime minister in his short clip was shown walking on stones, grass, and soil. He walked in the water. He did all this in the open in the sunlight and was breathing fresh air. The five elements were all a part of his routine. He further in his attempt to spread awareness about health nominated Karnataka’s chief minister, H D Kumaraswamy and Medal winner in the 2018 Common Wealth Games, Manika Batra. He also nominated the entire fraternity of brave IPS officers (especially those over 40!)


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