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Pizhichil: The Royal Massage

Pizhichil Lead

Pizhichil Treatment in Ayurveda is a combination of oil massage and heat treatment. This therapy was mostly used by Maharajas in the olden days, and popularly known as a treatment for aristocrats.

Thailadhara or Pizhichil – This helpful back rub style massage is a blend of two established Ayurvedic medications, Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (sudation). The entire body is showered with floods of warm homegrown oil with synchronous back rubbing techniques are followed. The warm oil and back rub opens the pores and drives the natural oil further into the tissues.

Pizhichil is one of the regular types of keraleeya Ayurveda chikitsa. It is the strategy in which floods of tepid cured oil is poured in general body or the influenced zone with a concurrent delicate back rub. The strategy requires three prepared specialist – one for warming the oil and two others for pouring the warm cured oil over the entire body or influenced region. Fresh medicated oil is used every day and the duration of Pizhichil is decided by the Ayurveda expert after the body constitution of the individual has been determined. Normally the treatment may last fourteen to twenty-eight days.


Benefits of Pizhichil Massage

Relieves body pain & muscle spasm – Deep oil massage in Pizhichil relaxes the muscles & release tension. This process is best to treat chronic body pain.

Detoxifies body & relieves stress – Through heavy sweating, all toxins are thrown out thus resulting in effective detoxification. Pizhichil ayurvedic massage releases tension soothes the mind & relieves stress, depression.

Heals fractured bones – It helps in faster recovery of fractured bones & makes muscles stronger.

Boosts immunity & longevity – Pizhichil massage helps strengthen immunity system & resistance, keeping diseases at bay. It improves & sustains overall physical & mental health.

Promotes muscle development – Strengthens weak muscles & help muscle development.

Improves skin & metabolism – Improved blood circulation & moisturizing from oil enhances skin complexion & texture.

Prevents ageing symptoms & wrinkles – The moisturizing effect of medicated oil promotes effective blood circulation to the skin tissues & prevents wrinkles.

Stimulates blood circulation – Because of warmth with oil massage & stimulation, it promotes healthy blood circulation throughout the body.

Helps in Diabetes, asthma & tuberculosis in an early stage. Alleviates burning sensation.

The purpose of this treatment is detoxification of the system by improving circulation and sweating. You are also given herbal formulas to mobilize and detoxify the system. Often also given herbal Ghee (clarified butter) for internal oleation or lubrication to dislodge toxins from deeper tissues.

The herbal properties of the oils are also absorbed via the skin…the largest organ. It’s another way to get herbs into the system. The massage also helps strengthen and tone the whole body. In addition, the oil massage has a profound soothing effect on the nervous system…improving strength and immunity while removing fatigue.


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