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The Pure Senses Spa at the Royal Blue Resort & Spa at Crete in Greece is the place where you will find the most incredible, unique sensations, where mind, body, and spirit converge to feel unforgettable, pleasurable experiences.

This truly is an Experience for the Body and Soul. Slip into the Pure Senses Spa world. A world that encompasses the best of nature to obtain unique well-being. Centrally located at the hotel Royal Blue Resort & Spa, Pure Senses Spa is the perfection wellness destination that can help complete your Greek holiday with some exquisite moments of pampering indulgences.

The exquisite fragrances throughout the place let the imagination fly into new cultures and worlds full of exoticism. The combined use of products from different origins such as marine, natural or exotic and the inspiration in various massage techniques that combine tradition and innovation are the basis of “Pure Senses Spa”: a new day of experiencing the most authentic sensations.

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The Pure Senses Spa Premises include a 700 m2 Fitness Center with Sauna and Hammam. It also has an indoor heated pool with sea water. It offers a wide array of massage treatments complete with a long face treatments menu, private treatment rooms for individuals or couples, and changing rooms and private lockers, separate for men and women. Do keep some time for the Relaxation Salon after your treatment and lounge to de-stressing rhythms.

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Varied Treatments

Pure Senses Spa bases the classification of its treatments depending on the ingredients used, which constitute the different therapy groups. There is the Valmont World which has ingredients that offer the purity of the Alps by Valmont, the vitality of the Glaciers, and the AWF Eye Lift treatment. The Pure Senses Spa Delicatessen offers a magnificent world of pleasure for all senses. Incredible treatments which are really enjoyable like the “Choco Body Sweet Harmony Treatment”, the “Oriental Escape Bath”, and the “Red Grapes Bath.”

Also indulge in the Pure Senses Spa Spice treatments which are designed with ingredients like Cinnamon, Ginger, Saffron, Vanilla… altogether, these are the highlights of an exotic experience which travels you to the distant earth of Far East. The treatments on offer are the “Exotic Orient Exfoliation”, the “Mysterious Turkey Massage” and the “Placid Silk Wrap.”

Also experience the Pure Senses Spa Privilege which has ingredients and therapies created to the last detail: from the exquisite textures and sublime fragrances, till the glamorous shiny reflections of gold and pearl. On offer are treatments like “Spa Pearl Luxury Body Therapy” and the “Spa Gold Body Experience.”

Special Massages

Combining innovation and tradition, ingredients like exotic spices, shells, stones, etc, the Pure Senses Spa helps you travel to mysterious worlds of pure relaxation. Take for example the “Exotic Ceylon Massage” which is carried out with Cinnamon Delight that allows a pleasurable massage combining shells. The Obsidian Holistic Massage is inspired from the ancient philosophy and combines Obsidian and Onyx stones from the volcanic lands of Mexico. The result is a complete state of relaxation that leads to the ultimate harmony between body, mind, and soul. Also available is the Traditional Thai Massage, the “Pure Senses Spa” Aromatherapy Full Body Massage, the “Ayurveda” Special Body Massage, the “4 Hands” Massage, Shiatsu, Hot Stones Massage and other simple massages for relaxation, anti-stress, reflexology, deep tissue massage and the head and face massage.


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