Osim Introduces uLove Massage chair

This 4.40 lakhs massage chair from Osim will surely give your mind and body relaxation.

Osim India introduces uLove chair, the most pampering and technology fulfilled massage chair. Equipped with three complementing elements to deliver an exceptional experience that tantalizes and satisfies all the senses. This majestic chair will take you to the substantial space and it is unique in its own way, massaging from mind to body, head-to-toe for deeper mental relaxation in just 15 minutes.

This beautiful chair has the most innovative massage technology that provides an intelligent and precise massage based on the human body contours. The uLove massage chair’s has elegant, cosy and comfortable seat. The applications can be synced with the Smartphone Bluetooth connection to download the latest lifestyle massage programs. OsimuLove uses a V hand with 7 degree lower with a 3D massage. The roller rotates 360 degree both vertically and horizontally to apply good pressure on every part of your body. OsimuLove has a unique butt and neck massage. The Osim Chair is feel firm but gentle at the same time.

A single click button feature can hide the foot and head massage from view and the chair appears as an addition to your furniture. This exotic massage chair comes in two different hues: handsome brown and dashing copper to suit your decors. The price of this chair is Rs 4, 40,000/-. Available in exclusive showrooms of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Punjab in India.


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