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Oriflame’s Optimals Hydra Range

A harmonious blend of Swedish natural ingredients, the Oriflame’s Optimals Hydra Range has been specifically formulated to hydrate and replenish the skin.

Standing true to its commitment of making healthy, radiant, and glowing skin achievable, Oriflame has launched its miraculous Optimals Hydra range to give a refreshing boost to the skin. The range is formulated with a selective blend of Swedish botanical ingredients containing rich concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils & innovative scientific techniques. The comprehensive range promotes skin hydration, boosts radiance,reinvigorates complexion, balances shine, maintains water balance, refreshes, and softens the skin. The uniqueness of the Optimals Hydra Range Lies in its use of the best of Swedish natural ingredient blends that work together to improve and replenish the natural beauty of all skin types making it healthier, suppler and more radiant. The range comprises a cleansing gel, refreshing toner, eye cream, day and night cream and a balancing day fluid that serves as a refreshing boost for the skin.

1. Optimal Hydra Refreshing Gel wash/Hydra Cleansing gel

Refreshing Gel is formulated with Swedish natural ingredients blend of Strawberry and Burock with Beads containing Almond Oil. The Soap-Free Cleansing Gel works to eliminate excess oil and impurities, remove make-up and unclog pores, leaving skin soft, clear and radiant.

2. Optimal Hydra eye Cream/Hydra seeing is believing eye cream

The Hydrating Eye Cream brightens the skin around the eye and reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It is formulated with a Swedish natural ingredient blend of Arctic Roseroot and Hops with Caffeine.

3. Optimal Hydra Day Cream/ Hydra Radiance Hydrating day cream (Normal/Combination Skin)

A hydrating day cream that leaves thirsty skin soft, supple and refreshed. It is formulated with a Swedish natural ingredient blend of Red Algae, Brown Algae and Aqua Minerals with Vitamin C and anti-pollution Active.

4. Optimal Hydra Night cream/Hydra radiance night cream

A nourishing night cream that leaves thirsty skin feeling fresh and energized. With a Swedish natural ingredient blend of Red Algae and Brown Algae and Aqua Minerals with Vitamin E, it helps to improve radiance by hydrating and reviving your skin overnight.

5. Optimals Hydra/ Hydra Moisture boosting serum for all skin types/ Ultra-Light Hydra

Ultra-light serum intensively hydrates, enhances radiance and helps protect against free radical damage. It is formulated with a natural Swedish ingredient blend of antioxidant Blueberry and Cloudberry, together with Vitamins C and E, and leaves lovely cooling sensation on application, and satin-like feel on the skin.

6. Hydra Refreshing Toner for All Skin Types/ Refreshing alcohol – free toner

The Hydra refreshing toner helps to remove all trace of impurities, make-up and dead skin cells. With a Swedish natural ingredient blend of Witch Hazel and Mallow. Flower with Vitamin C, it perfectly preps the skin for the application of the moisturizer.

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