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Organic Wellness: A blend of modern techniques and traditions

With the inspiration to heal the world, Organic Wellness is reaching new heights.

With the traditions from over 5000 years and a blend of modern techniques, Organic Wellness Products Private Limited manufactures authentic organic products of high quality. It was born as a creative solution with a unique balance sheet that focuses equally on everyone in the chain, starting from the Mother earth, farmers, employees, business associates, and consumers.

Organic Wellness farms and its state-of-art manufacturing plants are both located in pristine, pollution-free environments of remote villages of Madhya Pradesh, in India. With a comprehensive approach to a commitment to share 10% of their profit with the farmers and employees equally Organic Wellness Products Private limited supports the economic development of the country.

Currently, they have the following ranges of products including OW’ Real Green Teas, OW’Heal Health Supplements/Capsules, OW’Zeal Superfoods, OW Dog Food Super Supplement etc.

Also, the organization has teamed up with organic experience for over 100 years and exports its products to 22 countries and PAN India.

Organic Wellness also has some special quality Indian blend teas, like the Green Tea Classic, the original Tulsi, Wheatgrass, sweet neem etc.


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