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Must-try Anti-ageing Drinks

Ageing is unavoidable but you can add years to your life by giving your body proper care and making smart food choices. Global Spa brings you five delicious anti-ageing drinks that are a must-try.

With years adding to your life, all that your body needs is to follow is a proper diet and to keep your body well toned and mind sharp, Global Spa brings you to some delicious anti-ageing drinks that are not only healthy and effective but also absolutely yummy.

Green Tea

Antioxidants in the green tea help in delaying the aging process. It detoxifies the body from various environmental toxins. Green tea is a rich source of catechins that are substances that have been shown to prevent cell damage as a result of free radical activity. It also releases stress and results in flawless skin.


One of the finest ways to prevent ageing for women is to keep your body hydrated. Consuming eight glasses of water leads to a flawless and glowing skin. Water helps in releasing toxins in your body and helps in preventing ageing.

Beetroot Juices

Beetroot juice contains natural nitrates that aid blood circulation to the brain. It cures age- related conditions like dementia. Beetroot can help reduce or delay age related cognitive decline, Alzheimer disease as well as other disabling dementia.


Bacteria contained in yogurt helps to prevent age-related diseases of the intestine. Yogurt has high amount of calcium in it that helps to improve bone health as well as prevent osteoporosis.


And, last but not the least, Alcohol. Yes, research has proved that drinking limited amount of alcohol daily protects women from all kinds of skin diseases especially Alzheimer and dementia. Alcohol relaxes your mind and helps women get a glowing skin and pimple free facial skin.

Ageing is a natural aspect of life and these are some of the drinks you should try to delay the ageing process.


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