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Monsoon Hair Care Tips You Need Right Now

The monsoon blues are about to hit you soon and this season demands extra care for your hair, unless you want to face excessive hair loss and other related issues. Here are some hair care tips that beauty experts swear by for the monsoon season.  

Rain can cause havoc for your hair and monsoon demands extra care for your hair during this season. To keep your hair, healthy and shining, here are some hair care tips for the monsoon season.

Keep the scalp clean with antibacterial shampoo

To fight back with fungal and bacterial infections, you should use antibacterial shampoo and cleansers for clean and healthy scalp.

A leave-in conditioner is a must during the monsoon

A leave in conditioner is a must during the monsoon season to protect from the damage, rain water can cause. Because the rain water is acidic and dirty, it’s always advisable to apply leave – in conditioner and dry your hair naturally. It also acts as a deodorizer for letting your hair smell good.

Use the right comb

During monsoons, using the right comb on wet hair protects the hair damage and also ensures that the hair doesn’t break and detangles your tresses. Combs with spaced out bristles work better than the slim ones.

Explore Natural Alternatives

With the use of natural alternatives, the risk of chemical reactions on your hair gets minimized and your hair appears to be naturally shining and healthy.

Diet can Help you Rejuvenate the Lost Nutrition

Diet plays an important role in the monsoons as they keep your hair strengthen and protects your hair from damage in he rains. One should include things like eggs which are high in iron and protein, walnuts which are high in vitamin E and omega-3 and fatty acids. Fish like salmon and mackerel are also high in protein and omega-3. Spinach is excellent as its high in iron and beta-carotene. Dahi is high in vitamin D and helps in strengthening the hair follicle.

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