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Mercedes-Benz’s High-End Road Bike

Mercedes-Benz announces collaboration with the Canadian high-end bike manufacturer, Argon 18, to introduce a high-performance endurance bike. Both companies share the claim as leaders in innovative technology and unique user-experience…. The outcome of this partnership is worth looking-out for. 

The first launch of the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Argon 18 will be a road endurance bike with a Mercedes designed exterior featuring a silver-coloured frame and silver-black gradient on saddle and struts.

Scheduled to be released this fall in the USA (Northern Hemisphere), at an as-yet undisclosed price, the Endurance Bike features an Argon 18 full carbon fiber frame and a specially-shaped fork that’s said to be optimized for vibration absorption and control.

It also features a silver/black-gradient paint job, inspired by the colour scheme of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

The new Mercedes-Benz Style Endurance Bike is available in two component options— the Ultegra Di2 featuring electronic shifting with FSA Trimax 40 Carbon wheels and the Ultegra group with Trimax 30 wheels. The Ultegra Di2 features an integrated rechargeable battery with charge-level indicator.

Each variant can be ordered in six different sizes for an individualized fit. High tech hydraulic brakes come as standard equipment on both option models.

“The bike blends perfectly with our design philosophy of Sensual Purity. This expresses itself in the bipolarity of emotion and intelligence. The intricately designed carbon frame in conjunction with the typical Mercedes-Benz colour scheme, provides dynamics even while standing still, thus ensuring an emotional connection. Perfectly integrated technical components and fascinating functions represent the high competence of our new partner,” said Martin Bremer, Senior Manager, Design Creation Brand Experience.

And in case you’re wondering, endurance bikes (aka sportive bikes) are not unlike race-oriented road bikes, although they’re designed to be softer-riding and more comfortable.

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