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Mac & Cheese can be made healthy! And so, can other junk foods

From ice creams to deep-fried donuts, the taste of junk food is always tempting. And while it is easy to fall into your desires and make choices you would probably regret later, we at the global spa are here to help you by providing you “alternatives” for your favourite meals that might not be the healthiest in theory.

If asked to pick between potato chips and vegetables, there’s a clear winner for most of the people. But giving in to your urges of making unhealthy eating decisions can only bring temporary happiness. In the longer run, that is not the best idea. So trick your taste buds with these healthy alternatives to your favourite fast food items that may not be as tempting, but will surely keep you away from any regrets you’d feel from stocking up junk food in your body.

Craving for some ice cream? Switch it up with Yogurt fruit pops!

The delicious frozen goodness that is ice cream is every sweet lover’s weakness. But it is loaded with sugar and artificial colouring that is just as harmful for your health. So replace the most obvious choice with something that is so easy to make at home and is also easily available at stores that you’d wonder why you never thought of opting for it before. Yogurt pops are healthier version of popsicles and can be made easilyjust by mixing diced fruits with your favourite yogurt and sticking it in the freezer for a while. As it cools down, it will form a popsicles that you easily use to replace ice creams!

Butternut squash for your mac and cheese

Now replace the usual all-purposeflour-based elbow macaroni with butternut squash that is not only healthy but will also provide a great textural change to your causal macaroni and cheese! Its sweet taste will go well in contrast to the salty taste of the cheese and will provide the perfect balance of cheese with veggies. Call it a Mac and cheese revolution.

Frozen grapes are the new pop candies!

What do we normally expect from a candy? Pop of sweetness, easy to carry around and a crunchy exterior for different textures to name a few. Now what if we gave you something that closely fulfils the above mentioned features but at the same time is not bad for your health? Frozen grapes are the new candy! Easy to make at home and already available in markets, these are just your regular grapes that have been frozen for fulfilling all the above mentioned qualities and by the reaction from people, they do taste pretty amazing. So try it yourself and don’t make the obvious unhealthy choice.

Home-made smoothies are greater than milkshakes!

When it’s hot outside and you’re craving for a thick cold dessert to slurp on, turn to the healthy side and instead of whipping up a quick milkshake which surely does taste amazing but is full of added sugar and flavourings. Smoothie is somewhat a healthy version of a milkshake. Depending solely on fruits for its texture and flavour, smoothies are the smartest alternative for milkshake which generally requires milk or ice cream or even yogurt as the base and also require additional sugar and flavourings to enhance the flavour, making it a little heavy in terms of filling your gut.

Chia seed pudding is the new fan favourite dessert

If you think chia seeds are not the tastiest dessert topping, then you’re missing out on something great here. Soak a few tea spoons of chia seeds in milk and combine it with dry fruits and fresh fruits to make an amazing healthy pudding! Or just soak it in water and add on top of any dessert to quickly take it to the healthier side. The proof is literally in the pudding!

Now with all these healthy alternatives, you are for sure left at a cross road. Making the obvious choice is easy and tempting, but taking a little risk and trying to opt for these healthy substitutes will prove to very helpful and rewarding in future!


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