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Living with diabetes made easy

If you are a diabetic patient, you need to put in a little more extra effort, of course, to manage your daily routine and moderate your health as well. You often think that it may be too much, whereas global spa aims at developing a simple yet practical approach towards regulating your diabetic life. 

Formulating a kind of a checklist, here are some ideas for easing out your diabetes:

Keep a check of your medical supplies

Many doctor’s advice that you should definitely keep at least 25-50 grams of glucose even in your shortest travels from one place to another. In the fluctuating temperature, filled with heat and humidity, you do need your glucose meter/testing strips to keep a check of your health and also take required action during the time of emergency.

Food supplies

The lack of physical activity in your routine has a direct effect on your glucose level. To resolve that, food helps. Protein bars, dry fruit mixes or whole grain or peanut butter crackers shall boost the glucose in your body. Also staying hydrated should be made of utmost priority, especially for people going through high blood pressure. Drink at least 236 mL plain water after every hour.

Physical activity

Exercising becomes much more necessary if you are diagnosed with diabetes. Laziness is just going to make things worse which is why taking out some time to take a brisk walk or simply keeping your life active shall be of benefit greatly.

Knowledge and awareness

Being starkly careful and prudent about whatever is going on with your body is very crucial. You should be thorough with your prescriptions and should carry them along everywhere. Also, a list of emergency contacts and nearby pharmacies and hospitals should be pinned down. You and your family both should be aware of the small details and differences about the medical terms like hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.


Keep your calm by not getting overwhelmed or too low. Accept whatever is coming your way and handle it smartly. Your life doesn’t end if you are a diabetes patient. You surely can still enjoy every meal, every food, just limit it wisely to prevents spikes in blood sugar levels.

All of the above pointers doesn’t seem too difficult to execute, and since it’s about your healthy life, some amendments and effective efforts can certainly be made in a positive direction.


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