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Keeping up your Serotonin with these 6 amazing foods!

Serotonin, the name in itself is something not a lot of you might have heard about. Introducing this “happiness hormone” and how it affects your body and mind is what global spa aiming to achieve. So continue reading as we shine light on this important happy hormone.

Serotonin is basically known as the “happiness hormone” that has a major role in how we feel and act. It is believed to act as a mood stabilizer and has control over our sleeping patterns, our appetite, depression, migraines etc; ultimately having an effect on our mood and behaviour. It is commonly linked to feeling good and living longer. Serotonin is synthesized from amino acid Tryptophan; depletion of which has shown symptoms of mood disorders in people such as depression and anxiety. Studies have also revealed that people with low Tryptophan in their diet suffer a major drop in their Serotonin levels. It can be obtained from various sources including supplements, but why go the unnatural way when you can easily have a good intake just from some natural sources you probably consume everyday anyway. So here are 6 food items that can help to balance your Serotonin intake!


Including chicken, turkey, pork, beef etc, all these meat pieces are rich in protein and also provide a good amount to serotonin to your system. Bacon is also considered as a great source of Serotonin. Lean cuts of such poultry will be low in fat and high in serotonin, making it just the perfect source of this happy hormone.


Probably the best alternative for vegetarians who cannot integrate meat in their diets; seeds are comparatively lower in Tryptophan as compared to meat but for all the vegetarians and vegans, this is probably the best source. Being versatile with its application, seeds can be consumed directly as a salad garnish, or seeded breads, can be included in your everyday dishes like porridge, cereal or yogurt.


According to studies, including eggs in your everyday diet can increase the blood plasma levels of Tryptophan in your body. Although, it is important to keep in mind how you cook it. Frying an egg in oil is probably not the best idea since it increases the fat content. Whereas making an omelette or just a simple poached egg is healthier. Make sure you keep the yoke included as it is rich in Tryptophan and tyrosine, omega 3 fatty acids, choline and what not, that contribute greatly to your overall body betterment.

Dairy products

Products like milk, cheese, tofu, curd, and buttermilk are all great sources of serotonin and calcium that helps to strengthen bones and teeth. Choosing low fat options in dairy products is advised for people who are trying to control their saturated fat intake. Tofu is probably the best choice for such situation since it is made from soya and is not typically fattening.

Dry fruits

Now grab your favourite dry fruit and nuts since they are a great serotonin supplement. It is suggested by nutritionist to grab a handful of dry fruits every morning as it also keeps your fibre intake in check along with the necessary oils it contains. Due to its versatility, it can be added to any savoury or sweet dish.


Drinks like coffee, wine, beer, tea, cocoa etc have serotonin present in them, but it is in small amounts. So it should be kept in mind that over-consumption of such drinks should be avoided since they’re rich in caffeine which particularly is not the healthiest thing for our body.


With these food items that for sure would easily be available in your homes, you can keep your serotonin intake up to the mark and wake up feeling happy and energized everyday!


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