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It’s time to revisit your childhood with Crayola’s new makeup line!

Yes, you heard it correct! Crayola, the famous wax crayon brand that for sure has been a part of your play school backpack is back, now targeting the more “young adult” sector with its new makeup line; and the colours are so vibrant and appealing, you would be tempted to get your hands on it, again.

No feeling in the world could replace the excitement that followed us as a kid when a fresh pack of Crayola was opened in art class and all we could think about was what our next masterpiece would be. However, as time changed, our obsession with this “colourful goodness” quickly diminished.

Well, be ready for this mania of vivacious colours to be back in action as Crayola, in partnership with ASOS has brought in a 58 product beauty line that includes everything, from solid colour lip shades to multicoloured eyeshadows; you name it, they’ve got it! With over 95 colours to choose from, you can surely bring the child in you, back to life.

Available exclusively at the ASOS website at a price range of $15 to $40, this makeup kit includes a total of whopping 58 pieces! Face crayons (that surprisingly even come in colour options that were once included in the crayon pack), also includes some typical makeup colours you would need for that subtle everyday look; highlighters, mascaras, eyeshadow palettes and brushes, all of these are surely going to stir in the temptation to at least give it a go. The packaging is meant to strike a chord in your heart, with its classic yellow and green box that resembles the actual crayon pack and the shades named closely after real crayons, you for sure will know quite a few of them already.

Keeping their products gender fluid, the campaign released by Crayola shows pictures of both men and women, rocking their looks created with these colourful merchandises.

Even before Crayola makeup actually became a thing, many social media influencers tried to incorporate Crayola’s coloured pencils in their everyday makeup looks as a “DIY hack”; the safety of which was very questionable back then. But that is now going to change and you can paint your face as vibrantly as you’d wish without any concern regarding its reaction to your skin as the products are made from all Vegan ingredients.

So what are you waiting for? Give into your temptation of using these color-blocks and grab yourself a Crayola beauty kit from the official ASOS website as a gift for your younger self.


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