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Italy’s Casa Angelina Hotel launches new territorial spa offering

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Casa Angelina located on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, recently topped up their pamper list with the introduction of a new luxury spa. GlobalSpa lets you in on what all’s on offer at this picturesque new spa.

Touted as one of the most beautiful and romantic hotels on the Amalfi Coast in the city of Praiano, which is the prime tourist location in Italy. Casa Angelina launches a new luxury spa on the Amalfi Coast that speaks of finding the extraordinary. Adding to your bucket list of to-do things in Praiano, the visitors are offered with this beautiful territorial spa in one of the best hotels in Italy, Casa Angelina.

For couples in the search of refreshing spa treatments and spending quality time together while they are at the Amalfi coast in Italy, look out for the Casa Angelina hotel as it has recently announced the launch of its uber-chic spa. It not only offers you massage rooms for couples, but it also has a beautifully structured relaxation terrace overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea including a porch swing and chaise longue. Featuring special massages incorporating aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki not only differs the experience by Casa Angelina from others but also defines new and luxurious feel from the spa.

To top it all off, some new treatments like  salt and oil body scrub, the Swedish massage, The Casa Angelina  orange blossom ritual brings Amalfi orange blossoms featuring a foot massage; Escape to the beach includes a full body exfoliation, Skin radiance facial  have been added to the bucket list of somebody who expects a luxury spa to be. Rejoicing the celebrations and an option for the guests to make a choice,  guests can enjoy the spa on the new spa relaxation terrace.

Treatments like Mini wellness pampering on the hotel’s garden terrace located between the main hotel and La Gavitella Beach is where the guests can enjoy the ravishing sea views outside. Carved in some of the best nourishing items from the variety in the menu including freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas, detox water, smoothies, healthy snacks, a healthy spa lunch, dry fruits, and many more adding to the list. As a keepsake, what could be better than for a guest to take orange blossom herbal tea offered by Casa Angelina.

For the people who never fail to compromise luxury with anything, bring yourself to this place of bliss because a good spa for yourself is what your body craves for and Casa Angelina will surely give you that experience.


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