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IOSIS: The wellness journey & plans ahead

In a special Interview with, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Chairperson, IOSIS Wellness and Kiran Bawa, Managing Director, IOSIS Wellness-Spa Skin Salon Slimming, share more about their journey in the wellness industry and their plans of expansion.

IOSIS Wellness prides in the unique ‘Fusion of 4’ Slimming services, Skin treatments, Salon & Spa services. IOSIS is known for its propriety method of service, which combines high quality products and an impeccable service delivery.

For Kiran: Let’s start from the beginning… how did the idea of IOSIS come about, and when and how was the brand born?

Coming from the hospitality background it was always a dream to take my company a step further, I always desired to get into the beauty industry and I was sure that I did not want to start till I am educated enough for the trade & that’s how I acquired qualifications in Cosmetology, Beauty Treatments and Spa Therapies from the best UK & USA institutes. With this education and my experience in Hospitality, I started by very 1st wellness centre in suburban Mumbai.
Shilpa and I both shared the same belief that 80% problems are stress related, so it was important that we first work on the stress levels of our guest and then take them on for further treatment.
As a regular customer for IOSIS and my friend who shared my dream and passion for wellness, we joined hands together and create a unique Fusion of 4 wellness service categories namely, Slimming, Skin, Salon & Spa. This is how we created IOSIS Wellness and it has now emerged as a promising leader in the Indian wellness industry. Today, IOSIS is a total solution provider for all your wellness & beauty needs.

For Kiran: Tell us more about Shilpa’s involvement in the brand and business?
 Shilpa has not only been a friend and a business partner but has been a guide and advisor for IOSIS Wellness. Her experiences and knowledge about the global trends in beauty, and health help us tremendously to give shape to the various services that we offer to our guests.

With her inputs and reviews, we are able to give better results to our guests which is the most crucial element of any service-oriented establishment. Shilpa, being the business woman, she is, also actively participates in the strategic initiatives of the brand basis which we have been able to maintain the steady growth of the company during the past 10 years. The directors meet the team once every quarter for performance review and discuss the way forward. This has helped keep the staff motivation high and boost performance.

For Kiran: Expanding from one centre to an established and respected award-winning chain, what are the core strengths of the brand that keep the experience and quality in check?

Our Brand offers one stop shop for wellness to an individual. The ‘Fusion of 4’ concept which encompasses all treatments of Spa, Skin, Salon and Slimming offers advantage of turning the dream of beauty and wellness of individuals into reality.

Being obsessed with quality of service, we ensure that our therapists and other staff get Our qualified and trained therapists team is well accepted and appreciated pan India.

We provide complete management support to our centres, with respect to our managers and staff in the unit, for day-to-day operations. Our plethora of services ranges from apprising the centres with tried and tested systems and procedures to initial recruitment, social media support and even training on new launches.Our dedicated team of auditors visit each outlet periodically as mystery shoppers and audit the outlet for aspects like hygiene, to quality of service delivery and to pre and post sales customer relations.

Moreover, we maintain our brand value by educating the end consumer with constant communication. Once a consumer experiences the services at IOSIS Wellness, then he / she becomes a part of our IOSIS family.

For Kiran: What are your plans of further expansion and for further strengthening of the brand IOSIS?

IOSIS Spa & Wellness is on the roadmap of expansion. We are working on parallel modules of Salon and Beauty, Hair & Body Spa and apart from the Fusion of 4 techniques, we see ourselves being an India’s only International No. 1 wellness brand in the next 5 years.

In our pursuit for excellence we have achieved several milestones and have won collectively several awards, the most recent being the asiaSpa Most Favourite Day Spa 2017 and Best New Day Spa (Guwahati) 2017.We look for the passion for attaining a milestone in the industry from people who show interest in our brand and want to avail our franchisee. With this in mind, we have steadily expanded across India and look to grow further across the country as well as internationally.

We are currently located in 6 cities and 12 Wellness Centers with 4 Mumbai, 2 each in Guwahati, Lucknow & Raipur and 1 each in Kolkata & Varanasi.

For Kiran / Shilpa: What are the most recommended therapies and treatments that one should indulge in when checking-in at IOSIS.

Kiran:Our Fusion of 4 concept allow a person to explore a large range of services that he / she may prefer for either recreation or for maintenance purposes. We also have a wide range of services that cater to various problems that a person may have.
While all our services are exemplary and of highest quality, for a walk-in guest, I would recommend he / she tries, a Balinese massage, Crystal Clear Facial and get a Hair Filler Therapy. We would also recommend them going getting the latest hair style done from us in-demand hair stylists.

Shilpa says, that due my workout regime, I take a weekly massage with IOSIS which keeps me relaxed and ready for the next session and absolutely toned.

For Shilpa: What is your idea of wellness, and how is it translated into your brand IOSIS?
To me beauty is not skin deep. And making a person feel beautiful requires transformation at various levels. Look around and you’ll find so many examples of people who not only look beautiful at the cosmetic level but radiate the vibrancy and joy. To me being beautiful is a way of life. This very same ideology is what Kiran Bawa and I have in common. An ideology that lead to a certain vision, which is absolutely in sync with my dream of wellness and gave birth to IOSIS WELLNESS. From an IOSIS customer to IOSIS partner is a journey of belief, passion, dream, and commitment. IOSIS can be called my first initiative which has a physical shape towards my dream of wellness. I am sure that Kiran and myself will be able to take our wellness dream to every household.

For Shilpa: Which is your favourite therapy at IOSIS?

While I simply love all the services that they provide at IOSIS Wellness, my most favourite services are Vitamin Booster Facial, Deep Tissue Massage, and an Organic Scrub.

For Shilpa: What are the distinctive qualities of an experience at IOSIS and how does it stand out from the other competitive brands in the same space?

IOSIS is the pioneer in the wellness industry with its unique Fusion of 4 offering.
And Yes, there have been a lot of players in the industry who have tried to copy our fusion but are unable to provide the quality of services that one experiences at IOSIS Wellness. The thought behind IOSIS Wellness is that when a person is relaxed and de-stressed, the effect of any service that a person takes, will be much better.We also offer a range of exclusive services in the industry, like the Instant Inch Loss Wrap, Face Contour Treatment, variety of Antiaging Treatment amongst many others.

For Kiran / Shilpa: There is a long list of transformation stories attached to your brand. Could you mention one or two which have really touched your heart?

Kiran Says that on several occasion, as I am hands on with the brand, I meet with a lot of guests, who have told me that we have rid of our anti-depressant medicines due to the massages.There have been clients who have come and shared their experience of weight loss with our special and unique inch loss wrap and massages. And are now enjoying a very healthy lifestyle and toned body. The feeling of appreciation and love from our guests who say that we are now your family and have been with you 7 to 8 years and say that iosis is home to us and we spend a lot of time at your wellness centre. The best reward is when young teenagers come for their hair makeover and go back with and wow feeling with the trendiest of hair dos from our experienced stylists. I cannot miss sharing on one of my best experiences from Lucknow, where a bride had a complete transformation, where we worked on her weight loss, her hair and skin which had an acne condition.
After a period of 6 months before her big day, she was completely transformed. Her full family came down to not only appreciate IOSIS but also showered me personally with blessings.

The cherry on the cake is when clients like us on Google and Social media platforms and gives positive reviews. I am happy serving them and the IOSIS alchemist will always make sure that they are transformed in the beautiful self that they ought to be.


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