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Indian homemade drinks

India is well known for its diversity and it is also popular for its traditional yet homely food and recipes. Each region has its own specialty of herbs, fruits, and veggies through which they produce delicious homemade drinks that are super healthy.

A collection of best Indian beverages is surely a tricky task, GlobalSpa presents you the most varied set of sherbets, milkshakes, juices etc.


It’s a layered summer dessert beverage in north India which is amazingly delicious with rose syrup as its main colour and flavour. Made through sabja seeds, falooda sev, dry fruits, rose syrup and a scoop of ice cream, it shall rejuvenate your taste buds to the fullest.

Aam ka Panna

Combatting the heat in your body, this mango drink elicits coolness in your body like no other. It is prepared using raw mangoes and boiling, peeling, making a puree and then adding the interesting spices to it. When it is topped with some mint leaves, this drink reflects a vibrant cool combination of green and yellow which additionally is also rich in vitamin c and iron.

Paan gulkand drink

After meal essence that almost everyone prefers in India, pan. This is beverage is the mixture of paan leaves, milk, fennel seeds, gulkand paste, sugar and just some ice cubes as a coolant shall leave you mesmerised in its unconventional taste.


Ultimate “desi” drink, lassi is all time favourite yogurt drink. It can either be salty or sweet in taste. Add cardamom powder, rose water and saffron with your preferred varied flavour like masala, strawberry, papaya or rose and gulp your healthy yummy lassi.

Panakam recipe

The drink of the southern cuisine is made during the celebration of ‘ram navami’. Soak crushed or powdered jaggery in 1.5 cup drinking water for 15 minutes and mix the jaggery water nicely using a fine mesh filter it to remove the impurities. To this add lemon juice from a lemon, dry ginger powder, crushed cardamom, crushed pepper, a pinch salt and mix well to make the splendid panakam drink.

This melange in beverages is totally worth savouring and relishing for uplifting your palate, mood, and spirit.


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