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Inatur: The secrets of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy


Revealing the essential use of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, Pooja Nagdev speaks about the Aromatherapy with Oils.

INATUR is a natural skin and hair care brand with Inspiration and Ingredients coming from Ayurveda and Aromatherapy. Giving a range of Handicrafted products with purity and passion

Pooja Nagdev, Founder & Cosmetologist shares her Journey of the brand with GlobalSpa.

Pooja is specialized in cosmetology & Aromatherapy from UK and Canada. She practiced principles of Ayurveda to deeply understand the relevance of ancient science in present day. A master’s in business administration from one of India’s leading universities helps Pooja lead her organization and team in an efficient and dynamic way.

When did the idea of Inatur came and tell us about the brand?

INATUR pronounce ee-natur combines Innovation, India and Nature. The thought of starting Inatur came in 2006 as at that point there was a strong need to introduce products in the market that declare all the ingredients and do not make any false claims under the shadow of being herbal. Our country has so many natural ingredients to offer that have numerous benefits for skin and hair. We were inspired to create a line of products blending Ayurveda and Aromatherapy using completely natural and eco certified ingredients. SCINAT is our proprietary trademark way of combining scienfic knowledge of nature to bring healing benefits.

How is Inatur different from how it stands out from the other competitive brands?

There are so many brands in the market therefore it becomes difficult for a customer to decide and make a choice between which brand is a right one. the way we distinguish ourselves from the competition is that we have extremely stringent about quality policies from the sourcing of raw material to final packaging. We believe Natural Beauty Skin care for everyone and that’s why we bring a rare combination of precious herbs and science and put our knowledge of Ayurveda to use, at affordable price. Herbs and Ayurveda are a central part of our process and the color green signifies our connection with nature. At INATUR, we understand that good ingredients make good products. We are uncompromising in their choice and concentration of ingredients and product formulations for INATUR. Strategic ties with our ingredient partners all over the world give us an access to latest innovations in Skin Care.

There is certain raw material a chemical that are banned in our products and research and development. We do not use sulphates, sulphite, paraben, animal derived ingredients or any ingredients that are synthetic in nature. We are do small CSR activities such as recycling packing, taking back empty bottles and procuring raw material from fair trade. We are proudly women driven and led organisation and believe in women empowerment.

 For us we are not selling a product, it is a solution, love and care that we pack in a bottle.

What is your plan for further expansion and for further strengthening of the brand Inatur?

INATUR is retailing in several owned and franchise outlets across the world. Thanks to e-commerce one can reach out to remotest corners in the world. In coming years, we will like to increase our associates both online and offline and reach out to more and more of us. 

What is your idea of beauty & wellness, and how is it translated into your brand Inatur?

We believe in “what is Natural is Beautiful.’  As they say Be with nature, let nature guide you and it will never fail you. Wellness and beauty philosophy are that true beauty encompasses both healthy, beautiful skin on the outside and a happy, confident personality on the inside- so that inner beauty shines through. At Inatur we believe to use best natural ingredients blending Ayurveda and Aromatherapy for to bring out radiant skin 

How beneficial is aromatherapy for beauty treatments?

Aromatherapy also termed as apothecary is you at home fragrant pharmacy dates as far back as fourth century BC where burning certain aromatic plants offered protection against contagious diseases.
Treatments with essential oil not only boost the sensorial experience of the product. It Helps to nourish the skin and can stimulate cellular renewal. The skin that covers our body reacts to our emotions, so that people under stress often find their skin becoming dry and taut, and in severe emotion states, dehydrated.

Hormonal changes produce spots and blemishes, as well as increased oiliness with dry patches. Climate also affects face and body skin. Hot weather can produce lumps and bumps as well as dryness ad wrinkles, while moist damp air has a beneficial effect and gives the skin a dewy texture. Cigarette smoke can age a face by making it grey and wrinkled, and pollution has the same effect-which is why we seeing more and more young women with prematurely ageing facial skin.
Cellular regeneration is the key to a youthful skin, and essential oils provide a way of doing this which is far more pleasant than the most recent methods which involve using fetal cells. The nutrients and proteins in essential oils help to maintain the mattress- like bounciness of collagen, upon which the outer layers of skin rest, and encourage the regeneration of new cells. The circulation -stimulating properties of the oils oxygenate the blood which in turn energizes the cells, allowing regeneration to take place. Some oils do this particularly well. Other oils such as fennel contain hormonal – like properties, and these encourage the firming of the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Tell us about a few skin types and type of aromatherapy which can be done? 

Essential Oils make marvelous face oils. In this section treatments are given for three types of skin and, in general, you need 30 drops of essential oil for each 30ml base oil, unless specified. If you want a more intensive treatment, use 45 drops of essential oil.

Day Moisturizer for Evenly Balanced Skin should be a blend of following oils:

1.Chamomile German
6.Palma Rosa                      

This moisturizer should be applied to damp skin. Massage it in and then dab the face with a tissue until no excess oil shows on the tissue.
Blend for Dry to Normal Skin 

Make a blend of oils or can be used individually also

Chamomile German                 
Lavender                                   Calendula
Sandalwood                              Geranium
Patchhouli                                 Palma Rosa
Rose                                          Rosemary
Hyssop                                      Neroli

Blend for Oily to Normal Skin:

These oils are anti bacterial and help to reduce sebum production.

Chamomile German                    Orange
Juniper                                         Frankincense
Lavender                                      Pettigraine
Geranium                                     Marjoram
Cypress                                       Rosemary
Palma Rosa                                Jasmine
Lemon                                         Ylang – Ylang

Oils for Problem Skin

Broken Capillaries

The very finest branches of the blood vessel system that serves the face can sometimes become broken. Usually the problem is concentrated on the cheeks although the whole face can be affected. 

Treatment oil for Broken Capillaries: Parsley, Geranium, and Cypress

Whiteheads (Milia)
When sebum gets trapped in a duct that has no opening on the surface a hard white lump appears. Milia usually affect dry skin and they can also appear after some damage has been done to the skin. Unfortunately , if you have  had these for some time they will need to be removed by a beautician .Milia can be dispersed by massage by Using  the following oils blended in sweet almond carrier oil, Bergamot and Thyme Linalol

Blackheads (Comedones)

Blocked sebum becomes a blackhead when the surface cells develop sulphides which ,in  contact with the oxygen ,turn the cells black. The main problem with blackheads, apart from their unsightliness, is that they can become infected when removed and the opening just gets filled up once again with more sebum. 

Following oils helps in eliminating black heads: Violet Leaf, Lemon Grass and Lavender

Acne– Beauty is more than skin deep, but it can be hard for you – and other people to remember that when you have acne. what we usually see is an oily skin with a profusion of blackheads and pustules(spots) and sometime too, scaring, pitting and inflammation. Acne occurs not only on the face but on the neck, back and chest as well.

Treatments oil for Acne: Chamomile German, Bergamot, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Geranium

The following are the most commonly used essential oils:

Tea tree oil: Tea tree essential oil is best known for its contribution towards skincare. Tea tree oil is very versatile, it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-septic properties and anti-microbial. It is effective in treating burns, cuts, psoriasis and also for fungal infections. It is very good to treat acne and pimple. You can mix tea tree oil in your face pack or just apply it on the acne or pimple overnight to get clearer skin eventually.

Geranium essential oil: This is a multi-purpose essential oil as it helps in healing wounds, eliminating body odor, promote cell growth and fade scars as well as spots on your skin too. It endows a very calming effect too. 

Bergamot essential oil: Bergamot is a very good essential oil for the skin. It helps to decrease the oiliness, acne formation and bacteria on the skin. It also helps in fighting cold sores.

Rose essential oil: Rose oil is especially for sensitive or aging skin.  It is a tad bit on the expensive side however it is worth all the money spent. It is loaded with astringent properties which help in repairing broken capillaries as well as improve the overall skin condition. Rose oil helps to fade away acne marks, scars as well as stretch marks.

Offering a range of beauty products, how inheriting the concepts Ayurveda and aromatherapy helped the brand and, what are the core strengths of the brand that gives the best and quality in check?

INATUR is a proud to be a product from RISING SUN ASPL, a Research Driven & Directed organization. Creating skin friendly natural products that bring safe results has been a constant endeavor of the Research and Development team of INATUR.

We have a state of the art facility manned by a well qualified, dedicated and passionate team works on formulations, creation and testing of new products and line expansions in line with the core policies of INATUR. This team works on searching and sourcing innovative ingredients and planned application. We hold certifications GMP from SGS ,Halal & ISO to our credits. Our products are dermatologically tested and are 100% safe for use. We create result-oriented personal care products accessing the latest and most comprehensive ingredients and knowledge base in this area combining the best of science and nature (SCINAT) and using the philosophy of Ayurveda.


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