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How to prepare yourself for International Yoga Day

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The International Yoga Day is on 21st of June and as the country gears up with various fitness challenges and yoga camps to prepare for the big day, here’s what you can do to join the celebrations.

With the fourth-anniversary of International Yoga Day coming your way on 21st June, 2018, I am assuming that you all must be very excited to take initiative towards it. But are we all ready for a grueling session of yoga?

If you are also facing a similar situation like this, then I would rather suggest that you start practicing the following steps to execute all the yoga poses like a pro on the D-Day:

  1. Pledge to get healthy: A healthy body leads to a happy and prosperous life so what are you guys waiting for, get up and pledge to make yoga an integral part of your life even if it means taking five minutes daily to do some pranayama or a few easy asana to strengthen your body, focus your thoughts, and relax your mind.
  2. Joining any yoga group: The next step you need to take is to join any yoga group or hire a yoga instructor, if your pocket allows. Just for your reference, New Delhi Municipal Council and Ayush Ministry are organizing yoga sessions for all the beginners at various locations of Delhi, which includes: Nehru Park, Talkatora Stadium &Lodhi Garden.
  3. Follow the trends: Since now everyone is talking about the fitness challenge and fit India. So, just follow the new trends like #FitnessChallenge, #FitIndiago the extra mile for yourself, achieve your goals, post them on the social media and get into the race of getting fit amidst the enthusiasm of International Yoga Day.

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  1. Bring on the practice: Examine your intentions for participating in a yoga day then draw reasonable goals from those intentions. Good preparations for yoga retreat starts with honest reflection and then bring on the practice by performing yoga asana in a weekly or daily routine. Be patient with yourself during preparation and slowly you will find changes in your body.
  2. Mentally Engage With the Location: While you prepare for a yoga day, conduct research about the place you are going so you will have a better idea of what to expect and can better adjust once arriving. This year you can focus on various cities like Mysuru, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Dehradun.

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