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Herbal Tea to regulate your body metabolism

Herbal Drinks are always good for one’s health. Extracted from the fruits, roots, and leaves these herbal drinks can truly add an extract tinge to your healthy lifestyle. One such is Bitter gourd tea which helps in regulating body metabolism.

Made by infused dried slices of bitter gourd in water is one herbal drink, Bitter gourd tea which can be easily prepared at home. It helps regulating diabetes and fight cholesterol. Bitter gourd tisane can be made by using its leaves, fruit, and seeds also.

Regulates Diabetes

 Bitter gourd tea drops down the glucose levels that can be dangerous for the diabetic patients. Compounds like vicine and charantia reduces blood sugar level by regulating carbohydrate metabolism.

Helps in fighting Cholesterol

 Due to anti- inflammatory properties and high content of fiber in the bitter gourd tea helps in digestion and in maintaining proper levels of cholesterol in our body.

Boosts Immunity system

 Gallic acid, catechin and caffeic acid have high antioxidant properties make bitter melon good for boosting immunity system. and vitamin c in bitter gourd melon makes one fight against infections.

How to make bitter gourd Tea?

 To make bitter gourd tea, all you need to boil some water, add some fresh or dried slices of bitter gourd, let the water boil on the medium flame so that the nutrients of bitter gourd seeped into it. Remove the water from flame and let the slices steep into it. Filter the contents and honey or agave syrup as an optional component for your tea.

Bitter gourd tea has some side effects too, so its always suggested to consult your physician before adding this powerful tea in your diet.

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