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Heavenly spa introduces new wellness program at Westin Resort, Bali

Heavenly Spa by Westin™ recently announced its newest wellness program, Tibetan Sound healing meditation. With the launch of this meaningful program, Tibetan sound healing meditation promotes relaxation and few other health benefits.

Within an exclusive enclave on the island’s southern shores, the Westin resort enjoys a prime beachfront location. Exciting dining venues, a wide variety of swimming pools, delicious cuisines and Westin family kids club make the guest experience even more worth remembering.

Tibetan sound healing meditation program by the heavenly spa, at Westin.


Tibetan sound healing meditation is the new wellness program introduced by heavenly spa at the Westin resort, Bali to promote balance between both hemispheres of brain, relaxation and to improve sleep quality. With the use of vibrational sound, sound healing is an effective program that helps reduce stress; create a sense of peace, Well-being, and better health. Researches and studies have proven that the program also assists in the recovery process for many different types of illness and trauma, as well as invasive surgery.

During this session, a specially crafted Tibetan sound bowl made from copper and brass is struck with a wooden mallet to produce a vibrational frequency. The perfect state for deep meditation and creative thinking is produced by this tone. Sound can even be harnessed to cleanse negative energy, heighten intuition, and stimulate personal motivation. These bowls are known as a singing bowl that has long been used by Tibetan monks and can be traced back to ancient India. They can be found in Buddhist monasteries and temples throughout the world and are an essential aid to meditation.

Hailing from the birthplace of yoga in India, Jitendra Pokhriyal who is the resident wellness specialist at the Westin resort is the man behind, conducting this new program. Priced at IDR 150,000 net person or IDR 250,000 net per person for outside visitors.

For confirmed bookings, advance reservation is required. Each session is a personalized experience that begins with Jitendra, who guides the participants into a state of relaxation. After that, the Tibetan sound bowl is gently struck to emit a harmonic hum that clears the mind in preparation to enter a higher level of awareness.

Westin Resort promotes a better way of life and such a concept as Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation is another meaningful program that aims to inspire and engage healthy lifestyle seekers.

Tibetan sound healing meditation is currently available at the Westin Resort every Monday through to Saturday from 3 pm to 4 pm until 20th September 2018.


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