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Hay Diet- a new way to fight diseases and lose weight!

With all the new diet trends that are flooding the internet nowadays this one is definitely intriguing. Combining different food items based on their properties and how our body digests them is the main highlight of this diet. So, keep reading for a overview as to how this hay diet may benefit your body.

Formed by the New York physician William Hay, this diet plan was basically his way to treat himself for medical conditions including a dilated heart. Following this “food combination” plan helped Hay lose 50 pounds in approximately 3 months and he also recovered from the condition, making it a diet that not only helps in weight reduction but also aids in fighting diseases.

As per hay’s studies, the main reason for any health problem is the wrong combination of chemicals in the body. He classified foods into three types based on their chemical requirements for efficient digestion.

Alkali- food items that form alkali as their end product, such as fruits and vegetables comes in this category. Acidic foods like lemons and limes also yield certain alkaline salts in the body.

Acid- Protein rich food items like meat, eggs, fish or cheese give acid as their final product in the body.

Concentrated carbohydrates or starchy foods are also acid forming. These includes items like grains, bread and all the foods containing flour and all the sucrose rich foods that are not naturally occurring like in fruits.

As per Hay’s theory, although starchy foods and protein rich foods form acid in the body as their end product, they need different conditions for digestion and should not be combined together. Also, he suggested that vegetables and fruits should be the main highlight of your meal. Any food item that is rich in protein, starch or just contains fat should be consumed in very small quantities. Mixing vegetables with pulses will prove to be extremely healthy if consumed regularly. The main highlight of Hay diet is that it not only focuses on weight loss, but aims at full body betterment and how different food combinations can improve your body’s overall functioning.

However, it still has not been scientifically backed up and is mainly the outcome of a person’s research and experiments and so far, has been witnessing positive outcomes. So before starting this diet, do your research and always consult specialists before adopting any dieting practice.


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