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Experience enchanting Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy at Amangiri

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Framing the surrounding dunes, plateaus and mountain ridges, the Suites and the Home embrace the area’s raw aesthetic, The Amangiri sets a dramatic view for a relaxing holiday.

Located at a remote hideaway set within the luminous canyons of the American Southwest Amangiri offers a wellness retreat to all its patrons.

The Aman Spa at the Amangiri is designed to reflect holistic principles and healing traditions of the Navajo People, who have made the Four Corners region their home for centuries.

The Spa aims to reflect the healing traditions of the Navajo through the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water. Spread across 2,322 square metres (25,000 square feet), the spa pavilions, treatments rooms and terraces provide a variety of treatments including massages, scrubs, wraps and flotation therapy.

Crystal Sound Bath

The Crystal Sound Bath in which Guests lay on a Thai Mattress as the therapist plays the sound bowls. (30-60-90-minutes) These are also incorporated into every treatment at Amangiri. One of the more unique features is that when a guest takes a 60-90 minute Thai massage, a second therapist plays the sound bowls (Heaven!).

Vibrational sound touches our bodies on a molecular and crystalline level. The body is a network of vibrational fields and energy currents. Each individual resonates at his or her own vibration so getting a sound bowl session is like getting a deep tissue massage for the whole body through the sound vibrations.

Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu Massage 60 minutes $275: Ashi (foot)  atsu (pressure) is a slow deep and painless form of barefoot massage. Amangiri uses silk scarfs hanging from the ceiling in our Pilates Studio for the therapist to hold onto as they use their feet to massage the whole body. The guest is laying on a Thai Mattress for the duration of the massage. By using the feet, the therapist has to use slow, deep & precise movement with the padding of the foot making this one of the best deep tissue massages a client can receive. Normally this is done on a massage table with 2 poles fastened to the ceiling that the therapist holds onto. This practice can be traced to the 12th century and was known then as “Charuvutti Thirummal”. It found its way to the United States as Barefoot Massage or Shiatsu.   


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