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Everything you must know about Shirodhara

Shirodhara lead

Shirodhara is a unique body therapy from the ancient natural medical system Ayurveda. Shirodhara has a profound impact on the nervous system which immediately calms and relaxes the senses, and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves.

Shirodhara is a great treatment for a compromised nervous system. This technique helps in relieving tension, fears, worry, headache and can even help in dealing with depression. It regulates a human’s mood and gives the feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

Before you go ahead and experience this popular Ayurvedic therapy, you must know about the 3 different types of Shirodhara.

1)    SnehDhara

An Ayurvedic expert can make utilization of various homegrown oils and ghee in view of his or her knowledge and experience. Distinctive oils can be blended and utilized relying upon the down to earth involvement and judgment of the expert. For instance, Lakshadi oil might be utilized as a part of pitta issue and Dhanwantram oil or Mahanarayana oil might be utilized as a part of Vata issue.

2)    KsheerDhara

This is another sort of Shirodhara in which cured drain or drain imbued with herbs is musically poured on the temple from a particular stature and for a particular era enabling the drain to go through the scalp and into the hair.

3)    Takra-dhara

Takra-Dhara is a sort of Shirodhara in which herb injected takra or margarine drain is poured from a particular tallness and for a particular day and age constantly and musically, permitting the takra to go through the scalp and into the hair.


Shirodhara has proven to be medically effective in dealing with some ailments. Research proves that it can assist with the following conditions:


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Shirodhara decreases abundance vata dosha which is the essential dosha out of adjust in PTSD. As indicated by Alakananda Ma of the Alandi Ayurveda Gurukulam, Shirodhara finished with a fitting Shirodhara Oil containing nervine herbs will profoundly mitigate the sensory system and help facilitate the side effects of PTSD.

Insomnia and Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD)

Shirodhara is traditionally known for its ability to assist with sleep problems. Research proves the treatment effective alone and also when coupled with herbal support. Shirodhara with milk has also proven effective in treating insomnia. The process stimulates the pineal gland which produces melatonin, the regulator of the wake-sleep cycle. It calms an unquiet mind and induces rest. If your insomnia stems from working the night shift and your wake-sleep cycle is out of sync with the natural rhythms of the sun Shirodhara can assist in removing fatigue, restoring energy and re-establishing harmony in the doshas or constitution.

Why Shirodhara?

So as the three doshas are represented in the head region, any vitiation in the dosha can cause respective disorders with widespread repercussions in the whole body. Here Shirodhara, through use of various mediums like oils, ghee, and buttermilk, pacifies these doshas and works on the entire body indirectly. Shirodhara will make the head region strong so that the entire body works smoothly.


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