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Embark perfumes launched in the capital city


Embark is an urban contemporary fragrance brand. Embark is a very trusted and renowned brand of high-quality products. Embark recently released its wide range of products for he and she which last all day and come in sleek and attractive packaging.

Embark is a product that is made in India and for India. The product is made keeping in mind the climate of the country and skin. It is made 100% cruelty-free. It has been tested by experts and by consumers to guarantee people best experience. The product is made for both Him and Her keeping both their needs in mind.


Him range-100ml copy4 Perfumes have come out in this range;

My storyis a mix of Citrus-Spicy-Aquatic, with ingredients like yuzu, cinnamon, vanilla, musk and bergamot

My passion is a mix ofFougere-Citrus-Woody, with ingredients like natural lavender, juicy bergamot, rosemary, dried cinnamon, musk and vanilla

My dream is a mix of Woody-Marine, with ingredients like bergamot, pineapple, grapefruit, cedar, and moss

My life is a mix of Citrus-Ambery, with ingredients like French lavender, Tonka Bean, and Shaved Sandalwood


Range_her copy2 Perfumes have come out in this range

My dream is a mix of Floral-Oriental-Woody, with ingredients like Bulgarian rose, Delicate Violet, Roughened pepper, Artemisia, Amber, Extracted vanilla and lush cress

My life is a mix of Floral-Aromatic, with ingredients like Damask Rose, Indian tea, amber and vanilla pods and a hint of black tea.

This product is made by some of the best perfumers in the business, using outstanding essential oils that last longer.


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