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Eat What You Want, When You Want


Eating what the mind desires are a healthier option than restraining your mind and holding it back because of restrictive diet plans or food phobias. Here’s what the ‘Eat what you want’ philosophy is all about, and how it can help you in staying healthy.

Eating whatever you want does not mean eating everything in sight. After a long term of restrictions, some may revel in having access to pizza, candy bars, and take-out again – but once the body and mind realize that the strict rules are over, the “eating whatever you want” mindset becomes a very desirable eating (instead of dieting) philosophy. This is how it can help you.

Eliminating Food Fears

The primary “eat whatever you want” philosophy is to eliminate food phobias, hang-ups, and fears. All the restrictions, over-analyzing, and guilt associated with food consumption are swept away. It is a lifestyle where the key is to recognize how food makes your body feel and eat accordingly.


It is surprising how many people eat the foods that make them feel bad physically.  The acid reflux caused by fatty foods; a headache from ice cream; the shakes from caffeine or sugar and the distended stomach from sodas and trans fats.

The ‘Eat What You Want’ Pros And Cons

The people that adhere to the eat-whatever-you-want philosophy are aware how some questionable food substances make them feel. The blinkers are off and if they decide to indulge in the foods anyway, they simply draw a line under the experience and start afresh. They don’t blame anyone but themselves and any illness they experience is drawn upon as the impetus to stay off the physically harmful food for longer.

They have been able to untangle their physical reactions from the emotional, possibly guilt-ridden ones associated with foods that cause unpleasant things to happen to the body.

Restrictions & Rules Are Banned

eat what you want

The only rule is that there are no rules. Timelines and restrictions are not recognized with this freer mindset. There is no beach-body readiness deadline – what is aimed for is just to eat with a practiced moderation which will not result in bingeing once a beach body is no longer needed in winter.

Foods are never labeled “bad”, “good” or “evil”. It is simple enough to know what is good for the body and will lead to a healthier outcome. Nothing is banned or off-limits because of its detrimental short-term effects – the philosophy is to always think long-term.

It Is Accepted That Food & Feelings Go Together

Some of us don’t eat candy because it tastes good. In fact, if the adult pallet was honest and not linked to emotions, it would think it cloying and unpleasant. Food is sometimes eaten for comfort and as a trip down memory lane. Many people eat boiled sweets as children but do not enjoy the taste as adults.

Sweets are usually eaten to lift the spirits and when an eating plan allows their consumption, the illicit action of doing it all the time no longer has an effect.

By changing the mind’s frame of reference to seeing food as a friend and not an enemy builds up a healthier relationship to nutrition in general. This is the most advantageous and valuable take away from the “eat what you want when you want” philosophy.


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